How Much of a Foodie Are You?

Lauren Lubas

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Over the last ten years or so, learning about good food has become a hobby for many Americans. We devour cooking challenge shows on television in hopes of learning more and judging chefs from the comfort of our living rooms. We travel just to experience the tastes of different foods across the country and the world (we even watch television shows where people just do that). 

We learn the different food-related terms, so we can communicate with chefs at the restaurants we eat. Many people take pride in learning about food and applying that knowledge in the kitchen. It is clear that foodie life is not just a fad anymore. It is an identity for some people.  The question for you is, is it a way you hope to identify yourself?

If you are wondering if you can even call yourself a foodie, there are a lot of ways to find out. Answer these questions, and we will tell you how much of a foodie you really are (and maybe give you some suggestions on how you can up your foodie game and lifestyle to impress your friends).

What kind of mustard is in your fridge?

Which pickles do you prefer on your plate?

You see truffle fries on the menu. What do you do?

What do you order at McDonald's?

Would you ever eat Rocky Mountain Oysters?

If a place claiming to have the best burger in the world was a two-hour drive away from you, would you go?

At a restaurant, you had the greatest sauce of your life. What do you do?

Someone offers to put chutney on your plate. What do they want to put on your plate?

What is Fregola?

What do you think goes best with goat cheese?

Does the way your food is plated matter to you?

How likely are you to remove gluten from your diet?

At a five-star restaurant, you order a medium rare steak and it arrives rare. What do you do?

If someone is braising something, what are they doing?

What is the first thing you do when your food arrives at the table?

Someone offers you a tuile. Do you eat it?

A new restaurant opens that specializes in charcuterie. What do they specialize in?

You're at the grocery store. What aisle are you in the longest?

What is the best way to prepare pork jowls?

Would you ever travel more than 1,000 miles just for food?

You're at an acclaimed restaurant, and you order their signature dish. You find it rather unappealing. What do you do?

What is "oscar style"?

What are the four mother sauces?

What is the secret to making the best fried chicken?

Which cheese do you want on your Kobe beef burger?

Which fresh herb will you put on your taco?

How many kitchen gadgets do you own?

What kind of pasta are you eating?

Which of these packaged foods is in your freezer right now?

Which of these is LEAST likely to be in your fridge?

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