How much high school math lingo do you remember?


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If you were ever awake during your high school math classes, then you know that there were a lot of terms to remember. Did any of it really sink in? In this quiz, we'll test your knowledge of all things mathematical​ - but don't worry, we're going to make it fun!

What do you get with two angles that combine to measure 180°?

If you got this one wrong, you were definitely high on something in "high" school. Get it? ha ha.

What is the unit used to measure the size of an angle?

A degree is a unit of measurement for knowing the size of an angle. Not the same one used for temperature. Duh.

What is the number that occurs most often in a set of data?

The mode is the number that occurs most often. It's annoying sometimes.

What is another word for a number?

A digit is any one of the ten number symbols. It's also your finger.

What is a histogram?

We wish it was a telegram from pre-recorded history. How cool would that be?

What are the two sides of a triangle that aren't the hypotenuse?

Okay, perhaps baby makers was a bit too much, but it made you laugh, right?

What is a variable?

Variables are used in place of numbers. They're great, because they're like numbers in disguise!

What is a tessellation? Think, think!

It's a pretty cool word for something so simple and ordinary.

What do you call two numbers whose product is 1?

Any number multiplied by its reciprocal will equal 1. It's just the ideal situation.

What do you call a set of points that extends infinitely in opposite directions?

Does this really need to be explained to you?

Which of these is a line that radiates off into infinity in only one direction?

A ray has a starting point, plus a line that keeps going and going. How poetic.

What is data?

Hello? That was to check if you're still awake.

What is the measure that tells you where the middle of a lot of data lies?

It's easier to just call it the Middle of the Gosh Darn Data, though. MGDD, for short.

What's the average known as?

The mean is the average. Both "mean" and "average" are terrible insults.

What is the distance across a circle?

Diameter is the measurement of distance across a circle. When measuring your waist, you're actually looking for the circumference.

What does it mean when two shapes are congruent?

Congruent shapes resemble one another. Twins are congruent - but human.

What are a decade and a score?

Four score and seven years ago! Sometimes a decade can feel like a score.

What is the answer to a division problem?

You come to a quotient in a division problem when you type numbers into your iPhone to achieve a mathematical answer.

What is the set of whole numbers and their opposites?

Yes, integers. Not to be confused with "in tigers."

What is the X-axis?

This was the hardest question so far. The vertical line on a graph is the Y-axis. Write it down.

What is a number's measure of rank in a group?

The percentile is the number's rank. It's all about superiority, isn't it?

What is a line with two endpoints?

A line segment has two endpoints. It doesn't press on into infinity...

On a graph, what is the point of intersection between X and Y?

This is the point of intersection between the X- and Y-axis. Think of it like the Garden of Eden for Adam and Eve.

What do you call a mathematical assertion that two quantities are equal?

An equation is a mathematical statement that two values are equal.

According to your math teacher, what is area?

Area is the measurement of a flat space. Important when buying a house.

What is a prime number?

2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13... We could go on. The number 1 is tricky, because primes must have exactly two factors, and the factors of 1 are 1 and, well... 1.

What are parallel lines?

Parallel lines never meet. Parallel lives... a similar tale.

In math, what is a transformation?

It sounds so flashy: Transformation! Let's be happy for the geometric figure, and not jealous.

What are two or more circles with a common center point?

Concentric circles meet in the center. They look pretty.

Which of these is NOT a polygon?

A polygon has 3 or more sides to it. Kind of like your girlfriend.

What is the set of all possible outcomes of a numerical event?

I meant to write "deception" but it turned into "discerption." It means severed. Sad.

What is the measure of the number of cubic units necessary​ to fill a space?

Volume fills up space. Stuffing fills space as well, particularly at Thanksgiving.

What is the comparison of two numbers?

A ratio is a comparison of two numbers. It uses ":" between the two, to separate them.

A perimeter measures what?

A moat around a castle has a perimeter. It's just a measurement, but it keeps the castle safe.

What plane sits across from the right angle of a triangle?

The hippopotamus' hyperbolic hypothalamus has nothing to do with a hypotenuse.

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