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"Cheyenne" was the first hour-long show ever (with continuing characters) to last for more than a single season, a testament to this TV program's enduring appeal. How much do you remember about this legendary show?

What sort of TV program is "Cheyenne"?

"Cheyenne" is a Western drama that aired from 1955 to 1963. It's still one of the most famous TV shows of the era.


What's the name of the leading character in "Cheyenne"?

Cheyenne Bodie is the big cowboy who graces the screen in "Cheyenne." He's right at home on the frontier, romancing the ladies and battling evil.


What is Cheyenne Bodie doing with his life on the Old West frontier?

Bodie is a no-nonsense guy who helps deliver justice to an unruly region. He's a little like Superman, but without a cape or red boots.


In an episode called "Renegades," Cheyenne is assisting peace negotiations with a tribe of Indians but a _____ interferes and make the situation more dangerous.

An Army colonel who despises Indians interferes with Cheyenne's peace talks. If he can't quiet the waters, there might be war.


What happened to Cheyenne's parents when he was still a young boy?

Cheyenne grew up hard. His parents were killed by Indians when he was just a boy.


Who cared for Cheyenne after his parents were killed by Native Americans?

After his parents were killed during an Indian attack, the boy was stranded. But Indians took pity on him and helped raise him to adulthood.


In "The Angry Sky," Cheyenne is chasing a killer, but things go wrong. What happens?

The killer wounds Cheyenne, and he's a sitting duck on the frontier. But a beatiful woman helps him to safety.


In "The Long Search," a young Sioux boy helps Cheyenne look for what?

A 10-year-old boy is missing, and Cheyenne sets out to find him. He'll have a young Sioux boy to help him on his mission.


Indians killed Cheyenne's parents. How does he feel about Native Americans?

Cheyenne is a wise man who understands human nature. He doesn't hold a grudge against Indians even though one tribe killed his parents.


In "Satonka," Cheyenne witnesses the death of a man, and Indians say it was caused by _____.

The Indians are superstitious, telling Cheyenne that a creature called Satonka killed the man. It's up to our hero to sort through the odd turn of events.


In "The Vanishing Breed," which animal's existence is at stake?

All across the West, bison are being killed in massive numbers. Cheyenne takes up the political cause of saving the species but gets more than he bargained for.


In "Standoff," Cheyenne helps defend a beleaguered village against ____.

An outlaw is incensed that two of men have been killed, and he plans to vent his rage against the village. But Cheyenne will do everything he can to stop him.


A criminal convinces a blind man that Cheyenne is guilty of ____ in "Dark Decision."

The blind singer doesn't know any better -- so he allows himself to believe a criminal who says that Cheyenne committed murder. But of course, he is guilty of no such thing.


Cheyenne is arrested for murdering which person in "Wanted for the Murder of Cheyenne Bodie"?

A convict's family is out for revenge in this episode. They concoct a devious scheme that convicts our hero of murdering … himself.


In "Man Alone," Cheyenne comes across a robber who is suffering from _____.

Our hero finds a man who is suffering from amnesia. But Cheyenne is pretty sure the guy helped rob a cattlemen's association.


In "Devil's Canyon," some aggressive fortune hunters are looking for what valuable item?

The fortune hunters are anxious to find buried diamonds. First, they need Cheyenne's help in finding their way through Devil's Canyon.


In "Johnny Bravo," Cheyenne's friend really likes the daughter of a local rancher. What's the catch?

Cheyenne's friend is sweet on a local rancher's daughter. The catch? Her dad wants Cheyenne to be her boyfriend instead.


Why is a lynch mob angry with the man in Cheyenne's custody in "The Last Comanchero"?

A man sells guns to local Indians, and the locals are none too happy about it. Unless Cheyenne can stop them, they'll hang the man high.


A deputy is convicted of a crime in "The Quick and the Deadly," and he tries to convince Cheyenne that _____.

Behind bars, the deputy tells Cheyenne he was set up. And Cheyenne is pretty sure he's not lying.


A schoolmaster shoots an outlaw in "Incident at Indian Springs." Then what happens?

The schoolmaster is justified in blasting the outlaw … but his brothers want revenge. It's up to Cheyenne to save the day.


Which famous Old West figure does Cheyenne encounter in "Gold, Glory, and Custer - Prelude"?

Cheyenne is hired to guide General Custer and his men into the Black Hills. But Custer isn't looking for war -- he wants gold.


In "Gold, Glory and Custer - Requiem," what does Cheyenne witness?

During this episode, Cheyenne is accused of desertion. But he's the only witness to what happened during a battle in which most of Custer's men are killed.


In "The Wedding Rings," a tyrannical man demands what from local villagers?

A criminal terrorizes a Mexico province. He demands that local villagers give him their wedding bands, but Cheyenne will put a stop to the madness.


In "Apache Blood," Cheyenne must rescue a man who was captured by _____.

Cheyenne sets off to rescue a man who was kidnapped as a boy. But the man realizes that maybe the ways of whites are not for him.


Joe Baker invites Cheyenne to catch ____ in "Mustang Trail."

Baker pitches the idea of catching horses for profit. But Baker gets sick, leaving Cheyenne to do the dangerous parts.


An innocent man is sentenced to die for which crime in "Cross Purpose"?

Capt. Robert Holman runs from the Army and stands accused of murder. Cheyenne sets out to prove that he's innocent of killing another man.


What amazing discovery does Cheyenne make during "Legacy of the Lost"?

Cheyenne learns that his real name may be John Abbot, who is related to a very, very wealthy man. But in the end, it's not to be, and it's a good thing.


A woman's cattle are killed by _____ in "Winchester Quarantine."

Texas cattle fever is a parasite that infects blood cells and often proves fatal to livestock. Cheyenne must stop a desperate rancher from infecting other herds.


Amarillo Ames asks Cheyenne to help him drive cattle to Dodge City. Then what happens?

Ames wants help with his cattle drive … but then he dies, leaving Cheyenne in charge. Our hero has to take control of the situation even though the odds are against him.


In "Retaliation," why are the townspeople happy that the local bank is robbed?

In this episode, the locals are happy that the bank's been robbed … because they despise the banker. They don't want Cheyenne to catch the perpetrators.


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