Quiz: How much do you remember about the TV show Hogan's Heroes?
How much do you remember about the TV show Hogan's Heroes?
By: John Miller
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If you "know nothing," then this is not the quiz for you. But if you remember who said those words... frequently... then take this quiz to prove you are one of Hogan's Heroes.

Hogan's Heroes starred Bob Crane and Werner Klemperer as the "warring" leaders of their respective sides. Crane played, Colonel Robert E. Hogan, a U.S. Army Colonel and ranking POW officer in the camp, and Klemperer played the bumbling Colonel Wilhelm Klink, the camp commandant. Klink was supported by Sergeant Hans Georg Schultz, whose favorite words were "I hear nothing, I see nothing, I know nothing." As Klink loved to brag, "no prisoner has ever escaped from Stalag 13." In fact, prisoners often broke into the camp... much to the consternation of Schultz. 

Hogan's Heroes were representative of the World War II combatants, i.e., they were French, American, and British, with the most notable being Richard Dawson, a British actor who went on to host the Family Feud game show. The show first aired in September 1965 and ran for six seasons and 168 episodes, ending in March 1971.

If you loved how Hogan and his Heroes socked it to the Germans week after week, take this quiz to find out how much of the show you actually remember.

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