Quiz: How Much Do You Remember About the Classic TV Show "Wagon Train?"
How Much Do You Remember About the Classic TV Show "Wagon Train?"
By: John Miller
Image: NBC, ABC

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If you're looking for an American fortune in the mid-19th century, there's only one direction to go -- West. Follow the hopes, dreams and adventures of the people in "Wagon Train," a famed TV series from the '50s and '60s. How much do you remember about this dusty Old West show?

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The TV series "Wagon Train" is all about which historical event?
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The people in "Wagon Train" are loading up their wagons and heading for _____.
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The stories of "Wagon Train" take place during which era?
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In the first four seasons, who is the wagon master in charge of leading settlers to the West?
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In the very first episode ("The Willy Moran Story"), the wagon train is about to get underway … but one wagon is missing a ____.
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Who is NOT one of the wagon masters during the series?
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In "The Mavis Grant Story," the wagons are desperately low on water. They stop at a station run by Mavis, who says what?
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Actor Robert Horton is Flint McCullough. What is Flint's job on the wagon train?
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In "The John Cameron Story," a wife named Julie decides to do what?
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In an episode called "The Julie Gage Story" a young woman's father dies from what cause?
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In "The Cliff Grundy Story," Flint's friend Cliff is badly hurt by which animals?
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When danger lurks in this series, what do the wagons do?
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A wagon plummets off of a cliff in "The Davey Baxter Story," and Davey is badly hurt. Chris makes the decision to do what?
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In "The Clara Beauchamp Story," a bored officer's wife makes the mistake of doing what to an Indian chief?
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In "The Les Rand Story," a man named Les is released from prison and he visits his father to ____.
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In "The Donna Fuller Story," a woman and her friends head West to jumpstart the _____ movement.
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In "The John Bernard Story," a band of Indians kidnaps an old woman. They agree to return her unharmed so long as the people of the wagon train do what?
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In "The Zeke Thomas Story," the train rolls into town for water, but there's a problem. What happens?
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In "Trial for Murder: Part 1," a drunken man named Bradley Mason is accused of what crime?
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In "The Maggie Hamilton Story," Flint is sent off to find ____.
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How did the completion of the transcontinental railroad change parts of "Wagon Train" episodes?
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In "The Alexander Portlass Story," Flint is held hostage and told that he needs to help a group of men find a lost _____.
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As the story goes, Flint McCullough was supposedly brought up by which famous man?
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In "The Luke O'Malley Story," a man named Luke is trying to escape a violent outlaw. He joins the train disguised as a _____.
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In "The Shadrack Bennington Story," a medicine man joins the wagon train. He also brings along what?
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At the beginning of "The Luke Grant Story," a man named Luke is wandering through the desert yelling _____.
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In "The Annie MacGregor Story," a group of travelers has a major falling out over which issue?
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In "The Charlene Brenton Story," why does Wooster make off with a baby girl?
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In "The Countess Baranof Story," a countess must get to ______ in order to claim a family fortune and assure her personal wealth.
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