Quiz: How much do you remember about the '80s sitcom Small Wonder?
How much do you remember about the '80s sitcom Small Wonder?
By: Bambi Turner
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Take one average American family, throw in a robot in the form of a young girl, add a couple of nosy neighbors, and you've got "Small Wonder." This '80s classic added a sci-fi/tech twist to the family sitcom and kept fans tuning in every Saturday morning for the latest episode. Take our quiz to see how much you remember about "Small Wonder!"

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What is the name of the young robot on the show?
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How old is Vicki supposed to be?
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What is the name of the father on the show?
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True or false: Ted and Joan pretend that Vicki is an orphan.
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Who is the red-haired girl who lives next door?
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How does Jamie get rid of Warren when he falls for Vicki in season one?
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What does Jamie hope to sell to make money in season one?
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Who takes up smoking with Jamie in the season two premiere?
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What does Vicki steal in the season two episode, "The Shoplifter"?
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Why does Jamie pretend his parents have split up in season two?
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Why does Vicki pretend to be a boy in season two?
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What makes Vicki act likes she's possessed in season three?
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What is the name of Vicki's evil twin?
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What product is Vicki picked to promote in a commercial?
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What disaster do the Lawsons fake to drive out the Brindles in season three?
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Where is the family heading when their plane is hijacked in season four?
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True or false: Vicki was reprogrammed to make her age over time.
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What gets Jamie and Vicki arrested in season four?
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What does Vicki invent while playing with a chemistry set in season four?
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Where does Vanessa travel with the family on a trip in season four?
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How does Vicki win ownership of United Robotronics?
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Where is the Brindle family planning to move in the series finale?
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What did Ted base Vicki's appearance on?
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Who is Jamie's on-and-off girlfriend on the show?
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Which sports star appeared as Wally in season two?
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What is the name of Brandon Brindle's nosy sister?
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What is Vicki's signature dress color?
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How does Ted access Vicki's wires?
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How many seasons did the show run?
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