Quiz: How Much Do You Remember About '60s Pop Culture?
How Much Do You Remember About '60s Pop Culture?
By: John Miller
Image: Wiki Commons by ingen uppgift

About This Quiz

World War II changed human society all over the planet. When the war ended in 1945, families and nations began reconstructing their societies in new ways. The children of this era — the Baby Boomers — grew up quickly, drastically impacting pop culture and politics of the day. Do you really think you know about the ‘60s trivia in our pop culture quiz?

As the ‘50s gave way to the ‘60s, political turmoil was on the horizon, in part due to a war that just wouldn’t go away. The result? Young people up in arms over issues like power and military conscription. These divisive topics played a huge role in the music, drama and literature of the day. Do you know the biggest hits and music groups of the turbulent ‘60s?

The ‘70s and ‘80s had nothing on the ‘60s in terms of outrageous pop culture events… but that’s largely because the ‘60s were so fraught with violence and terror. Racial inequality, women’s rights and issues of all sorts came to a head, generating waves that affected everything from fashion to career choices. Do you really know how much politics warped ’60s pop culture?

From political assassinations to patchouli incense overload, the ‘60s had it all, providing a flashpoint that still impacts pop culture in major ways. Pull on your favorite tie-dye shirt, turn on the lava lamp, and take our ‘60s pop culture quiz now!

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The "British Invasion" referred to which aspect of ‘60s culture?
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Which music festival became a defining moment of ‘60s pop culture?
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Where did the Woodstock music festival take place?
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In 1969, which children’s TV show debuted?
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Which part of the car industry blossomed during the ‘60?
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Which music group released an album called "Please Please Me" in 1963?
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In 1965, which fashion item made its first appearance?
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How did men’s hairstyles change in the ‘60s, particularly with young men?
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Which supermodel died in 1962?
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What were America’s demographics like in the ‘60s?
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Which band played a famous set at Woodstock?
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Who wrote the critically-acclaimed 1960 novel "To Kill a Mockingbird"?
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Which event shook the world in July of 1969?
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In 1964, about what percentage of U.S. households had a color TV?
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“Valley of the Dolls" was a popular book in the ‘60s. It portrayed a stark vision of which cultural phenomenon?
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In 1963, which famous person was assassinated, altering the course of American history?
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In 1967, an off-Broadway musical called _____ combined many elements of the counterculture for a controversial performance.
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In the ‘60s, the "Motown Sound" emerged from ______, making a major impact on pop music.
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During the ‘60s, what was the primary way to listen to prerecorded music in a car?
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How did mainstream religion fare during the ‘60s?
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True or false: The Doors played at the Woodstock music festival.
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In "One Million Years B.C." actress Raquel Welch gained fame for wearing what item?
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True or false: The very first version of the internet appeared in the ‘60s.
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In 1968, which famous news program debuted on TV?
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Which band gave up live performance in part because screaming fans drowned out the music?
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“Bell bottoms" refers to which clothing item popular in the ‘60s?
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How did the drive-in movie theater culture change during the ‘60s?
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It was one of the first computer games ever, created in 1962. It was called ______.
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Young people of the ‘60s often rejected the social norms of their parents. The ______ was born.
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Much of the pop culture in the ‘60s resulted from turmoil swirling around which conflict?
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