Quiz: How Much Do You Know About U.S.-Soviet Relations Following WWII?
How Much Do You Know About U.S.-Soviet Relations Following WWII?
By: John Miller
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The United States and the Soviet Union have been longtime enemies. Even when they teamed up to defeat the same enemy, they always kept a watchful eye on each other. Their fight has been a bitter game of words. The rest of the world stands by in wait while these two powerful forces know they control the fate of the world, yet are unwilling to jeopardize their positions of power on the planets greatest stage. From volatile rhetoric to a space race and then the more dangerous race of all - nuclear weapons - these two countries are like resentful cousins who happen to be bitter rivals. They work together when necessary, but otherwise they face each other with a grim mug-mouth. 

The Soviet Union didn't exist until 1922, but do you know how long it took the United States to recognize them? If you do, you know how quickly this rivalry began. After World War II, do you know how the Soviets took care of the rest of Eastern Europe? Do you know how the Korean War affected the rivalry between the U.S. and Soviet Union? Or what 1960 event caused tension between the two countries?

While tensions between the United States and Russia are at a historic high, it was the 70-year existence of the Soviet Union and the reciprocated bitterness with America that kept the world on constant notice.

Take this quiz to see how much you know about the turmoil of the U.S. and Soviet relations! 

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True or false, did the U.S. recognize the Soviet Union immediately after the first World War?
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How did America assist the USSR during World War II?
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Who led the Soviet Union during and after World War II?
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What sort of government was in control of the Soviet Union during WWII?
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Post-war tensions between the U.S. and USSR are collectively referred to as _____.
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After the war, the Allies created the Marshall Plan to rebuild Europe. Did they REALLY intend to include the Soviet Union as part of the Marshall Plan?
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Polish authorities wanted assistance as part of the Marshall Plan. How did the Soviets stop Poland from taking part in the Plan?
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Which organization rallied the West during post-war years?
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In reaction to the creation of NATO, what did the Soviets do?
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The term "Eastern Bloc" referred to what, exactly?
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What was the name of the party in control of the USSR during the Cold War?
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How did the Korean War of the 1950s affect relations between the U.S. and USSR?
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What major event changed Soviet politics in 1953?
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In 1960, what incident rocked U.S.-Soviet relations?
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A missile crisis in which country nearly started a nuclear war between the U.S. and USSR?
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How did the USSR approach the Vietnam War?
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True or false, were all commercial flights between the U.S. and USSR halted for years during the Cold War?
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In 1987, what did U.S. agents discover at the U.S. Embassy in Moscow?
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In 1972, what action did President Nixon take to reduce tensions between the U.S. and USSR?
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True or false, was Nixon the very first American president to visit Moscow?
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What issue were the SALT talks supposed to address?
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What major political event shook Communism in 1989?
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Who was elected President of the USSR in 1989?
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When did leaders of both countries announce the end of the Cold War?
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