Quiz: How Much Do You Know About U.S. Borders?
How Much Do You Know About U.S. Borders?
By: Annette
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In the last few years, U.S. borders have become one of the hot topics in American politics. From securing the country's southern border to gerrymandering neighborhood, city and county borders, Americans seem to have a fondness for moving stuff around and arguing over who is in control of what. So how much do you know about U.S. borders? Now is the time to mark up your map to find out. 

President Trump has been taunting opponents with the promise to build a wall. Do you know how high his proposed wall would be? Do you know the most secure and fortified section of the U.S. and Mexico border? If someone sneaks across the border, how far do border patrol officers have jurisdiction? 

While we tend to focus on the southern border, the U.S. border with Canada is also monitored. Do you know what was taken away from the entire 5,500 miles of border between the United States and Canada? Hint: hopefully it helps people see better. Or, do you know where the longest border in the world without military control can be found? It may be closer than you think. 

This is the quiz about U.S. borders and how we protect or monitor them. How much do you know? You might have to cross the border to find out!

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What is the most controversial U.S. border?
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How much of the current U.S.-Mexican border has some sort of wall already?
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Primary fencing between the U.S. and Mexican border is how high?
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Where is the most fortified portion of the U.S. border?
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The original wall proposed by Donald Trump was how high?
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True or False: The U.S.-Canada border has military defense.
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Who tore down the Berlin Wall?
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What is the busiest border in the world?
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Each year, how many people go through the southern border?
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Since the implementation of NAFTA, commercial vehicles crossing the border have ______.
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Two-way trade is the highest in the state of ____.
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The U.S. Border Patrol has jurisdiction up to _____ miles.
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True or False: There was once a drawn border between North and South Carolina.
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A _____ was forced to show his passport at the Niagra Falls border.
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During WWII, Mexican workers were ____ to cross the border.
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There is a ____-foot-wide carving along the U.S./Canada border.
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How many U.S. states are on the Mexican border?
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How many U.S.-Mexico border crossings are there?
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Where is the "Mexican Ellis Island"?
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Mexican immigrate to the U.S. for _____ reasons.
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The Mexican population in America increased by ____ each decade.
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When was the U.S. Border Patrol formed?
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In WWII, Denmark's border test involved the use of what?
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A Mexican theme park has a fake _____.
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Go see smugglers on the U.S.-Canadian border at _____.
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To intimidate one another, border patrols in North and South Korea do what?
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Who was hired to build part of the U.S.-Mexican border?
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The U.S.-Canadian border can be described as ______.
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The U.S. government has a special _____ law enforcement unit at the border.
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At the U.S.-Canadian border, all _____ have been removed.
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President George W. Bush authorized ______ along the U.S.-Mexican border.
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The leading demographic that immigrates to the U.S. today is from _______.
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The largest number of Americans residing outside of the United States live in ________.
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As of 2013, how many folks in America are foreign-born?
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