Quiz: How Much Do You Know About U.S. Borders?
How Much Do You Know About U.S. Borders?
By: Annette
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About This Quiz

In the last few years, U.S. borders have become one of the hot topics in American politics. From securing the country's southern border to gerrymandering neighborhood, city and county borders, Americans seem to have a fondness for moving stuff around and arguing over who is in control of what. So how much do you know about U.S. borders? Now is the time to mark up your map to find out. 

President Trump has been taunting opponents with the promise to build a wall. Do you know how high his proposed wall would be? Do you know the most secure and fortified section of the U.S. and Mexico border? If someone sneaks across the border, how far do border patrol officers have jurisdiction? 

While we tend to focus on the southern border, the U.S. border with Canada is also monitored. Do you know what was taken away from the entire 5,500 miles of border between the United States and Canada? Hint: hopefully it helps people see better. Or, do you know where the longest border in the world without military control can be found? It may be closer than you think. 

This is the quiz about U.S. borders and how we protect or monitor them. How much do you know? You might have to cross the border to find out!

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