Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Trucks?
How Much Do You Know About Trucks?
By: Steven Symes
Image: Navigator84

About This Quiz

Roll up your sleeves, flip up the tailgate and get ready to take on some serious burdens. This truck quiz will test your knowledge of these automotive workhorses. 

Pickup trucks are everywhere on American roads. Of course, just how many you'll spot depends on where you're driving. When they first started out, pickups were viewed as strictly a utilitarian vehicle, something for moving lots of cargo or pulling a heavy trailer from one point to another. There wasn't anything fancy about them, and oftentimes their styling wasn't even considered during development. 

GM changed things when it started emphasizing truck styling starting in the late 1960s. While still far from luxurious, consumers started viewing pickups as something more than a pure workhorse. Muscle trucks started appearing, mimicking the bravado of muscle cars, further evolving the truck's image. 

Even though it was laughed at, the Lincoln Mark LT previewed where pickups are today. Many truck interiors rival what you find in luxury cars, marking a big departure from trucks' roots. But still, at their base, pickups are brawny machines that would much rather be hauling a load of gravel than parking at the grocery store.

So, how much do you know about these workhorses? Take the quiz right now to test your knowledge! 

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