Quiz: How much do you know about these iconic American foods?
How much do you know about these iconic American foods?
By: John Miller
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Some foods are quintessential American cuisine -- or, at least, they seem to be. From hamburgers to hot dogs, how much do you know about iconic American foods?

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Which American food is almost always served on a wooden stick?
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Where did the cheesesteak sandwich come from?
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What is NOT an ingredient in s'mores?
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Which meat do Americans almost always consume during Thanksgiving?
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"Cowboy beans" contain beans and what?
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Which part of America is famous for its clam chowder?
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What in the world are "grits," anyway?
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Hamburgers are typically made from what?
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If you're a true American, you've eaten biscuits and _____ for breakfast.
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Where in America would you find gumbo?
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What is the primary food in "mac 'n cheese"?
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Which of the following border-related foods is a real thing?
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Which famous American food is often "flame-broiled"?
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What meat is NOT included in a "turducken"?
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What's the most American of pies?
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True or false, did Americans invent apple pie?
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In America, a "surf and turf" dish combines seafood with what?
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"Burnt ends" are in which category of American food?
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The first Buffalo wings were typically served with what?
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Where was the hamburger invented?
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In the South, true Americans serve fried chicken with what?
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What are "Rocky Mountain oysters"?
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Where did the first Buffalo wings originate?
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What is chicken-fried steak?
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What sound do fried cheese curds make when you bite into them?
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True or false, did America invent most soft drinks?
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True or false, were corn dogs invented in America?
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When the first peanut butter and jelly sandwich appeared, how was it regarded by the American public?
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True or false, did America invent the hot dog?
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What's a defining characteristic of New York style pizza?
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