Quiz: How Much Do You Know About the Warships of WWII?
How Much Do You Know About the Warships of WWII?
By: John Miller
Image: Photographed by Lt. Barrett Gallagher, USNR.

About This Quiz

The Allies and the Axis scrambled for their very survival during the Second World War. They made tens of thousands of tanks, countless aircraft, and built and sailed hundreds of warships, too. These ships played major roles in both the European and Pacific Theaters, as destroyers, battleships, and aircraft carriers clashed in fights that turned the tide of the war. In this iron-laden quiz, do you really know much about the ships of World War II?

The European Theater was largely a land and air war, featuring the likes of the all-air Battle of Britain and the armor-smashing terrors of the Battle of Kursk or the Battle of the Bulge. But the Battle of the Atlantic was the longest continuous battle of the war … and it was all at sea. For years, German U-boats sank hundreds of Allied military and merchant ships, making it much harder for them to resupply their lines. What do you know about the ships that roamed the Atlantic in WWII?

Meanwhile, in the Pacific, American and Japanese ships collided in mammoth navy confrontations at scenes like the Battle of Midway. In the end, behemoths like the USS Enterprise, USS Arizona and USS Yorktown would all find their place in the war’s lore.

All hands on deck for this WWII warship quiz! Man the guns and launch the fighters, because the Axis fleet is just over the horizon!

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