Quiz: How Much Do You Know About the Spanish Conquest of the Americas?
How Much Do You Know About the Spanish Conquest of the Americas?
By: John Miller
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Whether you call it colonization or conquest, the Spanish definitely set out to make the Americas their own -- and that's exactly what they did. How much do you know about the Spanish takeover of the Americas?

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The Spanish conquests of the Americas started in which century?
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Which famous adventurer set the stage for the beginning of the conquests?
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What was one of Columbus' primary goals of traveling in the direction of the Americas?
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Where did Christopher Columbus manage to establish a permanent colony?
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The Spanish explorers who conquered the Americas were often called _____.
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Columbus discovered the Caribbean island called Hispaniola, and many settlers followed his path to this island. What happened to most of them?
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The 1494 Treaty of Tordesillas divvied up the Americas between the Spanish and the _____.
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What's one side effect of the arrival of Spanish explorers in the Americas?
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What was one reason that the Spanish wanted to explore the Americas?
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Diego Velázquez de Cuéllar conquered which area?
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Hernan Cortes is famous for which acts in mainland Mexico?
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Velazquez was at first supportive of Cortes and his Mexican escapades, but then he decided that Cortez should give up on the idea. What did Cortez do?
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How did Cortez conquer the huge Aztec Empire without a large army?
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Francisco Pizarro conquered the area that is modern-day _____.
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Pizarro was drawn to Peru by dreams of what?
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Pizzaro managed to capture Atahualpa, an emperor of the _____ empire.
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Pedro de Alvarado served as an important assistant to what conqueror?
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Natives called Pedro de Alvarado "Tonatiuh," which means what?
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Pedro de Alvarado conquered which part of the Americas?
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True or false: When Cortez encountered the Aztec Empire, was the region relatively free of political tension?
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Spanish conquerors often wrote about their victories. How did they portray the native warriors they fought?
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In 1517, Francisco Hernández de Córdoba left Cuba for which area?
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Which people did the Spanish conquer on the Yucatan Peninsula?
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Hernando de Soto helped to conquer the Incas. He also explored which area?
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Which act by Pizarro still affects modern Peru today?
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Cortez captured the Aztec city of Tenochtitlán and renamed it what?
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Diego de Almagro was a rival of Pizarro and also discovered which area?
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Which explorer was one of the first to see much of the southwestern United States?
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