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The Book of Mormon is the Holy Book for the Mormon faith and the Church of Latter-Day Saints. Although quite controversial, it's still a fascinating read, and there are many things to learn within its pages. Whether you're Mormon or not, we're going to test your knowledge of the Scripture! If only Joseph Smith were here.

The prophets in the book tell people to do three things in life. Which of these is NOT one of them?

No, the Mormons were not instructed to dance with abandon. But perhaps everyone should!

According to the Book, the purpose of life is to do what?

Yes, and by eternal, they mean in the afterlife. Not necessarily in this life?

What does LDS stand for?

If you didn't get that right, please take a break.

How many primary groups are mentioned in the Book of Mormon?

Four primary groups are mentioned in the book, but more of that to come!

According to Mormons: “We believe the Bible to be the word of God as far as it is _________."

Mormons believe in the original Christian Bible, as long as it has the proper translation!

"But before ye seek for riches, seek ye for the ___________."

Seek the Kingdom of God before riches, per the Book of Jacob. Seems like a smart move.

When was the Book of Mormon published?

Joseph Smith published the book in 1830. That's a little late in the game, in terms of Bibles.

The Book of Mormon is also the title of what?

Seriously, go see it. It's hilarious. "The Book of Mormon" debuted in 2011.

How many books in total are there?

There are 15 books that comprise the Book of Mormon. One section is more an insert than a book, called Words of Mormon.

Which Christian Bible do Mormons recognize as their own?

The KJV is the official version of the Bible that Mormons believe in. With the proper translation, of course!

Who corrected the Christian Bible for Mormon use?

Joseph Smith made the corrections so that the Bible would be suitable for Mormons.

Why do babies not need to be baptized, according to Moroni 8:22?

Babies are still pure, and thus, don't need to be baptized. Mormon children have to wait till they're eight years old - the "age of accountability."

How does the Book of Mormon look?

The iconic little navy blue book with gold lettering always looks the same.

In essence, the Book of Mormon is the story of what?

It's the story of ancient peoples, and we are to be informed by their conflicts.

What is the subtitle of the Book of Mormon?

That is the subtitle. Yes, there is ANOTHER testament of Jesus Christ.

Between Nephites and Lamanites, what is the source of most of the heartache in the book?

Pride is what creates all the tension between the Nephites and the Lamanites. Let that be a lesson to you!

According to the Book, God gives people what?

God gives people free will, or agency. Even kids are given the gift.

What is Moroni's Promise?

That's a big promise to make, but it's worked for thousands of folks so far.

According to the Book of Mormon, how do you attain happiness in this life?

By obeying God's commandments, you will achieve happiness in this life, plain and simple.

When it was first published, what did people call the Book of Mormon?

Because Joseph Smith found the golden plates that inspired his Bible in New York, it was called the New York Golden Bible.

When Moroni visited Joseph Smith to tell him of the golden plates, where was he?

The Angel Moroni visited Smith in his room, where he told him of the book he had buried 1,400 years before.

Which of these are NOT other Mormon scriptures?

There was no Diamond from Western Africa text, but that would have been cool.

Which of these is NOT a book of the Mormon Bible?

If there were a Book of Sir Galahad, I'd become a Mormon....

The Book of Mormon can be found in how many different languages?

The Book of Mormon has been translated into 110 different languages. That must have taken some time.

Who was commanded to build a boat in the Book of Mormon?

Everyone laughed at him, but he did it anyway. His brothers, Laman and Lemuel, were among the doubters at first.

How did Joseph Smith find the gold plates that were buried in Ontario County, New York?

Joseph Smith had a vision of the spot where he would find the gold plates. That's how it always happens.

Which of these is NOT one of the four sons of Mosiah?

No, Guiseppe was not one, but Himni was!

When Mormon took control of the Nephite armies, how old was he?

He accomplished it at the tender age of 16. The text can be found at Mormon 2:1-2.

What did Joseph Smith do when he encountered the stone box with the gold plates?

He came back each year in order to encounter Moroni. Seems like a casual plan.

How did people respond to Joseph Smith discovering the plates?

Smith and his family were persecuted. People tried to steal the plates.

According to legend, how did Smith translate the gold plates?

The Urim and the Thummim were found in the stone box with the plates. Smart move.

When Jesus Christ showed himself to the people of Nephi, where were they?

Bountiful was where the crowd gathered before Jesus. They would have done it in New York too...

Where did the plates go after Smith was finished translating them?

Moroni took them back, according to Smith. That seems convenient, but not gonna judge.

Who was the last prophet to write in the Book of Mormon?

He had the last say, in the fifteenth book, the Book of Moroni. Makes a great deal of sense, though.

Who is in the opening of the Book of Mormon?

The Israelite Lehi begins the story, and then it gets pretty crazy from there.

Which of these is NOT a primary group mentioned in the Book of Mormon?

It's good to be erudite, but there are no Erudites in the Book of Mormon!

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