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The Kennedy clan are the stuff of American legend. They're powerful, influential and wrought with tragedy, but how much do you really know about the Kennedy family? In this quiz, we'll explore some facts that you might not be familiar with.

Who was JFK married to?

John F. Kennedy married Jacqueline Bouvier, who would later be Jackie Kennedy Onassis. They were in the White House at a time later known as Camelot.

Who did John F. Kennedy have an affair with?

JFK was prolific when it came to infidelity. He had affairs with the two actresses - and many more.

Who is the Kennedy family's forgotten sister?

Kathleen "Kick" Kennedy is the forgotten sister of the Kennedy clan. She was shunned by the devoutly Catholic family when she married a Protestant.

Did Jackie have affairs?

Jackie had as many affairs as John did! Some names include Marlon Brando, Warren Beatty and Paul Newman.

Who is referred to as the "missing Kennedy"?

Rosemary Kennedy is referred to as the Forgotten Kennedy. She was the eldest daughter, and her father forced her to undergo a lobotomy in 1941, at the age of 23.

Who was the matriarch of the Kennedy clan?

Rose Kennedy was the reigning queen of the Kennedy clan. One of her rules was that "Kennedys don't cry."

Which Kennedy child's birth was stalled?

The nurse tried to stall the birth of Rosemary because the doctor was too busy elsewhere. Some believe that this may have contributed to future mental problems.

Did JFK serve in WWII?

Even though he was deemed unfit to serve, John did eventually go to WWII. He used his father's influence to be able to go.

Which school did JFK go to?

JFK attended both Princeton and Harvard. He fell ill at Princeton and was forced to leave. He later attended Harvard.

Was JFK presumed dead in WWII?

JFK was thought missing and dead in WWII. News was sent to his father, who didn't tell the family. John was eventually found.

For what did John receive a Pulitzer Prize?

Before entering politics, John wrote a book of biographies - perhaps with a ghostwriter - called "Profiles in Courage." He won the Pulitzer in 1957.

Who was the "golden boy" of the family?

Joe Jr. was considered the golden boy of the family, according to Joe Sr. Sadly, Joe Jr. died in a plane crash in WWII.

How much was Jackie paid​ to bypass a divorce?

Jackie was paid $1 million dollars by JFK's father, in exchange for not asking for a divorce. This was before JFK ran for president.

What was the nickname of Jackie's father?

Jackie's father was nicknamed "Black Jack." This was because of John Vernou Bouvier III's dark, vice-filled life, as well as his dark complexion.

What was the Kennedy family's secret service code letter?

Every president gets a letter, and the Kennedy family was L. Their codenames were Lancer, Lace, Lark and Lyric.

What was Jackie's nickname when she got married?

Jackie was called the Virgin Bride, but in reality, she was not so. Jackie was a tad promiscuous as a girl.

How many children did Jackie have?

Jackie had four children, in total. Two of her children died soon after childbirth.

What did JFK suffer from?

JFK suffered from Addison's disease. He nearly died about three times before becoming president.

John had a thing for ________.

JFK had a real thing for Cuban cigars. He ordered 1,200 of them before signing the trade embargo to Cuba in 1962.

Who had electroshock therapy?

Jackie had electroshock therapy for severe depression. This was done after a night of catching John with one of his mistresses.

How did Kick Kennedy die?

As was too common in the Kennedy family, Kathleen Kennedy Cavendish died in a plane crash. She was 28 years old.

Where was JFK assassinated?

JFK was assassinated in Dallas, Texas, as the presidential motorcade went down the street. This happened in 1963.

What did Jackie do for a living, before marrying John?

Jackie was a reporter and journalist before she married John. She worked for the "Washington Times-Herald."

How long did it take the Kennedys to move into the White House?

It took the Kennedys only two hours to move into the White House. The elaborate system to facilitate the move contributed to that.

Where did the Kennedys throw their broken china?

Each year, the Kennedys' broken china was thrown in the Potomac River. You'd think someone would go down and retrieve that.

How did Jackie prefer to exercise?

There are 16 acres of White House grounds. Apparently, Jackie would sometimes walk for miles each day.

Edward Kennedy nearly died from what?

Edward Kennedy barely escaped death in 1964 from a plane that crashed into an apple orchard in Massachusetts. He suffered severe injuries from it.

Which other Kennedy was assassinated?

Robert Kennedy was assassinated in 1968 in Los Angeles. This was after his victory in California's democratic presidential primary election.

What was Rose's advice to Jackie?

Rose advised all of her daughters-in-law to accept their husbands' infidelities. This was common for the time.

Did John bug the oval office?

It's true that JFK bugged the oval office. His motivation for doing this is widely disputed.

What plagued Edward Kennedy's political career?

When driving back from a party on Chappaquiddick Island in Massachusetts, Edward drove off a bridge and killed his aide, Mary Jo Kopechne. This incident took place in 1969.

How did John Kennedy Jr. die?

John Kennedy Jr. died with his wife and sister-in-law in a plane crash. It took place off Martha's Vineyard in Massachusetts.

What did JFK do with his presidential salary?

John donated his presidential and congressional salaries. His family already had quite a fortune.

What did Jackie add to the White House?

Jackie was tired of reporters following her kids, so she installed a school on the third floor of the White House.

What was Jackie's favorite comfort food?

If Jackie didn't have any appointments, she'd eat a grilled cheese sandwich and take a nap, sources say.

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