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The Beatles took the '60s by storm, releasing a dozen albums and dominating pop culture for close to a decade. Inspired by Elvis, they also starred in a series of films, ranging from laid-back comedies to trippy cartoons. Take our quiz to test your knowledge of the films of the Fab Four!

What was the first Beatles film to be released?

The Beatles burst onto the scene in '63 and made the move to America the next year. The same year they made a much-watched series of appearances on "The Ed Sullivan Show," the group also starred in their first film, "A Hard Day's Night." The flick showed the band in an innocent and lighthearted light, especially when you consider the psychedelic turn the band took a few years later.

Which Beatle has a family member who comes along for the ride in "A Hard Day's Night"?

The Beatles are accompanied by Paul's grandfather in "A Hard Day's Night." He's no sweet old man though; Paul routinely describes him as a "villain" and a "right mixer."

Where does the first half of "A Hard Day's Night" take place?

The film shows he Beatles' journey by train from Liverpool to London, where they are traveling to play a set on a TV show.

Which of these best describes Paul's grandfather in "A Hard Day's Night"?

As a running gag in "A Hard Day's Night," each person who meets Paul's grandfather -- played by Wilfrid Brambell -- immediately describes him as "very clean." The grumpy old man is later caught forging Beatle autographs for cash.

Which Beatle goes missing and is arrested in "A Hard Day's Night"?

After a miserable run-in with Paul's grandfather, Ringo ends up in the slammer. The other Beatles find him just in time to make it back to the theater for their performance.

What is the name of the Beatles' road manager in "A Hard Day's Night"?

Move over, Brian Epstein! In "A Hard Day's Night," poor Norm the road manager is doing everything he can to wrangle the playful, cheeky Beatles onto the stage for a TV performance.

Which member of the group met his future wife while filming "A Hard Day's Night"?

Model Pattie Boyd appeared in the film as a giggling schoolgirl who runs into the Beatles on the train to London. In real life, she and George fell in love and were married in early 1966.

Which Beatle ends up with a ring stuck on his finger in the 1965 film "Help!"?

In the"Help!" movie, Ringo receives a ring along with a fan letter. Once he slides the ring on his finger, it gets stuck -- leaving him on the run from a mysterious cult.

Which member of the group gets shrunken down to size in "Help!"?

As cult member Ahme is trying to shrink Ringo's finger to get her precious ring back, she accidentally shoots Paul, who shrinks down to insect-size and hides in an ashtray.

Where do the boys head to escape the cult in "Help!"?

Hoping to shake the cult, the boys head to the Austrian Alps, where they have fun skiing and curling -- until an evil cult member hides a bomb on the curling field and almost blows up the Beatles.

What is the "well-known place" in "Help!"?

Once the authorities realize that a cult is after the Beatles, they hide the band in "a well-known place," which turns out to be Buckingham Palace.

According to the movie "Help!," what's the best way to soothe a savage tiger?

Ringo is too scared to whistle. The boys escape from a ruthless tiger by singing the 9th Symphony from Beethoven's "Ode to Joy."

The Beatles dedicated "Help!" to Elias Howe, inventor of this device.

The movie "Help!" ends with a dedication to Elias Howe, who invented the sewing machine. This strange dedication started as an on-set joke, where the band traced their fashion prowess back to Howe's iconic invention.

How many Beatles movies were filmed in black and white?

Only one Beatles film, "A Hard Day's Night," was released in black and white. Just a year after, "Help!" came out in glorious color, and the other movies featuring the band followed suit.

What mode of transit would a Beatle use to take a magical mystery tour?

The psychedelic "Magical Mystery Tour" was released in December 1967, and featured The Beatles and friends traveling around the English countryside in an old-fashioned bus -- or coach, to the Brits.

Which modern alternative rock band took its name from a song featured in "Magical Mystery Tour"?

The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah band made a prominent appearance in the Beatles' 1967 film "Magical Mystery Tour." They performed their song "Death Cab for Cutie" in a strip club in the film, and a certain modern alt rock band liked the name so much they borrowed it for themselves a few decades later.

Which Beatle drags a relative along for the ride in "Magical Mystery Tour"?

In "Magical Mystery Tour," it's RIngo's turn to bring a relative along. His widowed Aunt Jessie comes along, and the pair spend most of the film arguing about one thing or another.

Which Beatle wins the road race in "Magical Mystery Tour"?

In one of the less bizarre scenes in "Magical Mystery Tour," many of the road trippers get off the bus and everyone races, using bicycles or cars or even running on foot. Ringo stays on the bus and ends up winning the race.

What does John feed Aunt Jessie in the weird restaurant scene in "Magical Mystery Tour"?

In yet another strange scene from the flick, John uses an actual shovel to feed spaghetti to Aunt Jessie. The scene was inspired by an actual dream that John had.

What song do the Beatles sing while wearing white tuxes in "Magical Mystery Tour"?

The band members don white tuxes and tails as they perform an elegant ballroom dance to the tune of "Your Mother Should Know."

Who is the conductor of the bus on "Magical Mystery Tour"?

The Beatles brought a weird crew along for their "Magical Mystery Tour," including bus conductor Buster Bloodvessel, tour director Jolly Jimmy and hostess Wendy Winters.

Which of the films of the Beatles was animated rather than live-action?

By 1968, the Beatles were tired of making movies, but they had a contractual obligation to produce a film. The result was the animated "Yellow Submarine," which doesn't even feature the voices of the actual band members, except for the songs.

Where is "Yellow Submarine" set?

In "Yellow Submarine," the musical people of Pepperland live a happy life, where they are protected by the fine folks of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.

What color are the bad guys in "Yellow Submarine"?

In the trippy 1968 movie "Yellow Submarine," the kind people of Pepperland are invaded by the music-hating Blue Meanies, who hail from the mighty Blue Mountains. Other unpleasant characters are the Apple Bonkers.

Who takes the Yellow Submarine to Liverpool to find help for the people of Pepperland?

After an attack by the Blue Meanies, a sailor named Fred pilots the Yellow Submarine to Liverpool to seek help, which he finds in the form of a swinging English rock band.

What is Jeremy Hillary Boob, Ph.D., known for in "Yellow Submarine"?

Jeremy Hillary Boob, Ph.D., who hails from the Sea of Nothing, accompanies the Beatles aboard the Yellow Submarine. He is a trained mechanic who fixes the vessel more than once while speaking in rhyme the entire time.

Which song do the live-action Beatles sing at the end of "Yellow Submarine"?

The Beatles had very little to do with "Yellow Submarine" and didn't even voice their own characters in the film. The members of the group do appear in a quick live-action scene at the end of the film, where they sing "All Together Now" from the "Yellow Submarine" album.

What is the last-ditch weapon of the Chief Blue Meanie in "Yellow Submarine"?

The Chief Blue Meanie has the Dreadful Flying Glove -- which is also blue -- to do his dirty work. Fortunately, John makes quick work of the glove and helps save Pepperland.

What is the name of the Beatles' final film?

The band filmed "Let It Be" in 1969. The film was originally supposed to be a feature movie, but quickly became a documentary instead. Released in 1970, it ended up capturing the band's demise as the '60s drew to an end.

Where did the band perform an impromptu concert in "Let It Be"?

The film "Let It Be" documents the band's final performance -- s surprise concert on the roof of a London office building. It featured songs such as "Don't Let Me Down," and "Get Back."

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