Quiz: How Much Do You Know About the Collapse of the Soviet Union?
How Much Do You Know About the Collapse of the Soviet Union?
By: John Miller
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About This Quiz

From the 1950s through the early '90s, the scariest war for most Americans was one which never occurred - the Cold War. The political controversy left the world to wait and wonder, as no one knew if the world would suddenly be in a planet-ending war. Then, suddenly, the Soviet Union collapsed, split and went from a communist nation to several democratic countries. But what ended the war, why did it end, and how did it happen so quickly? 

You grew up in this volatile period of time, you lived the fear, concern and worry, but how much did you really know? While the war never came, much of the Soviet Union's economy was destroyed because of a weapons race with the United States over which weapon? And do you remember the official year of the Soviet Union's collapse? We were allies during two world wars and nearly the primary opposing forces in a third. Do you know how long the Soviet Union had been in existence? And were we allies during a communist regime? 

Gorbachev may have allowed for the decline of a communist state, but can you recall who took over once the Soviet Union collapsed? These are some of the questions you'll face about one of the most pivotal moments in world history. Do you think you're up to the challenge? Take this quiz and find out!

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After the Soviet Union fell, what country took its place?
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What year did the Soviet Union collapse?
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Before it disintegrated, the Soviet Union had what sort of political system?
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The country's economy crumbled in part because the Soviets were caught up in a race with America to create which weapon?
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Before it collapsed, how many leaders had been in charge of the Soviet Union during the country's 69-year history?
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Who was the final leader of the Soviet Union?
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Who took control of Russia once the Soviet Union was dissolved?
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True or false: Did U.S. President George H.W. Bush cause the collapse of the Soviet Union?
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Which of following democratic actions did Gorbachev allow during his time in office?
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The Soviet Union broke apart into how many countries?
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What caused the fall of the Soviet Union?
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Before he left office, Gorbachev encouraged a policy of "perestroika," which means ______.
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As the Soviet Union slowly crumbled, Gorbachev encouraged the concept of "glasnost," which referred to what?
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True or false: Did the Soviet Union dissolve BEFORE the fall of the Berlin Wall?
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Anti-Communist revolutions first began in which country in 1989?
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What was one unintended result of perestroika?
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Gorbachev made public promises of economic reforms through perestroika. How quickly did those reforms began changing the Soviet economy?
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Which area of the Soviet Union first demanded its independence?
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When were the Baltic republics (like Estonia) originally added to the Soviet Union's territory?
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The concept of glasnost had a profound effect on which part of Soviet society?
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In November of 1988, the Soviet Union finally HALTED which activity?
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Gorbachev's ultimate goal was to ______.
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Which American news network was the first to broadcast news into Moscow?
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In August 1991, the Soviet vice president and his allies took what action?
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Between August and December 1991, how many Soviet states declared their independence?
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On what holiday did Gorbachev appear on live TV to announce his resignation?
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Russian leader Vladimir Putin blames which person for the downfall of the Soviet Union?
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