Quiz: How Much Do You Know About the 10 Plagues of the Old Testament?
How Much Do You Know About the 10 Plagues of the Old Testament?
By: John Miller
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In the Old Testament, God observes blatantly bad behaviors by some residents of the Middle East, and He decides to enact revenge. How much do you know about the Bible's famous 10 plagues?

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The 10 plagues are terrible disasters that occur in the _____.
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God sent the 10 plagues to punish which country?
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What did the Pharaoh do that really made God angry, thus triggering unbearable disasters?
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God used which man to deliver some of the plagues?
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To punish Egypt, God sent 10 plagues. In the first plague, he turned Egyptian water supplies into ____.
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In the second plague, Aaron strikes his staff on the ground and ____ come out of the Nile in droves.
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What happened to the frogs that were delivered in the second plague?
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In the third plague, Aaron struck his staff into the dust, which turned into _____.
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Depending on the exact Hebrew translation, the lice of the third plague may have actually been what?
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In the Book of Exodus, we learn that God "hardened" the Pharaoh's heart so that he wouldn't let the Israelites go. Why?
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After lice and fleas, God sent a fourth plague consisting of what?
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In the fifth plague, God sent a terrible disease that affected _____.
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In the sixth plague, God told Aaron to throw a handful of ____ into the air.
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What happened when Aaron threw soot into the air during the sixth plague?
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True or false: Did God warn the Israelites before the terrible storm of the seventh plague?
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The eight plague turned out to be one of God's best-known hits. In this plague, he sends swarms of _____ across the land.
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What terrible effect did the locusts have on Egypt?
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Who does God call on to deliver the ninth plague?
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True or false: Were the Israelites also affected by the plagues that were tormenting their masters?
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In the ninth plague, Moses and God turn the sky to darkness. How long does the darkness last?
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True or false: Did darkness fall where the Israelites were living?
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Before the 10th and final plague, what did God order the Israelites to do?
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Where did the Israelites find blood to mark their doorposts, and thus protect their families from the tenth plague?
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Who delivered the 10th plague?
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After all of the suffering he'd endured, why did the Pharaoh decide to free the Israelites following the 10th plague?
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True or false: After freeing the Israelites, did the Pharaoh change his mind?
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The Egyptians cornered the fleeing Israelites against the deep Red Sea. How did the Israelites escape?
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