How Much Do You Know About the 10 Plagues of the Old Testament?

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In the Old Testament, God observes blatantly bad behaviors by some residents of the Middle East, and He decides to enact revenge. How much do you know about the Bible's famous 10 plagues?

The 10 plagues are terrible disasters that occur in the _____.

The ten plagues are disasters created by God in the Bible. They appear in the Old Testament, in the book of Exodus.

God sent the 10 plagues to punish which country?

The Pharaoh of Egypt defied God repeatedly in the Old Testament. So God rolled up His sleeves and devastated the country with relentless plagues.

Why did God want to punish the Pharaoh of Egypt?

The Pharaoh enslaved countless Israelites, and God wanted them freed. But the Pharaoh refused time and again. And for that insolence, he would pay a terrible price.

What did the Pharaoh do that really made God angry, thus triggering unbearable disasters?

The Pharaoh (rather unwisely) mocked God. "Who is the Lord, that I should obey his voice to let Israel go?" Note to self: don't ever taunt God.

God used which man to deliver some of the plagues?

As the story goes, God orders Moses' brother Aaron to deliver the plagues. With one strike of Aaron's staff, horrors enveloped the Egyptian lands.

To punish Egypt, God sent 10 plagues. In the first plague, he turned Egyptian water supplies into ____.

God kicked things off with a bang -- he turned the Nile river into blood. The crimson flood was undrinkable and killed the fish within its banks.

In the second plague, Aaron strikes his staff on the ground and ____ come out of the Nile in droves.

A bloody river apparently wasn't enough, so God sent the second plague. Frogs, countless frogs, came hopping out of the Nile, swarming across the lands.

What happened to the frogs that were delivered in the second plague?

Untold numbers of frogs emerge from the Nile and hop across Egypt. And then they set about dying in droves, stinking to high heaven.

In the third plague, Aaron struck his staff into the dust, which turned into _____.

Frogs and bloody water weren't yet enough, so now we have the third plague -- God turns dust into lice. Guess what, no school for your kids this week!

Depending on the exact Hebrew translation, the lice of the third plague may have actually been what?

The translation varies, so the plague may have been fleas instead of lice. And if you've never battled a flea infestation, it's much, much worse than lice.

In the Book of Exodus, we learn that God "hardened" the Pharaoh's heart so that he wouldn't let the Israelites go. Why?

God ostensibly sent the plagues to free the Israelites, but first, He wanted to demonstrate His extreme powers. So He subtly hardened the Pharaoh's stance regarding the Israelites, giving God an opportunity to throw down on a world superpower.

After lice and fleas, God sent a fourth plague consisting of what?

This one also varies by interpretation. In the fourth plague, God sent wild animals (perhaps venomous snakes and the like) and/or flies.

In the fifth plague, God sent a terrible disease that affected _____.

The fifth plague sent a horrible diseased that sickened and killed Egypt's livestock. Goats, camels, horses, cattle ... nothing was spared.

In the sixth plague, God told Aaron to throw a handful of ____ into the air.

Under the command of God, Aaron retrieved a handful of soot from a furnace and then threw it into the air. Then, the next plague commenced.

What happened when Aaron threw soot into the air during the sixth plague?

After Aaron threw soot into the air, boils broke out on the skin of humans and animals all over the country. And yet, the miseries were really just beginning.

What was the seventh plague?

In the seventh plague, a horrible thunderstorm -- complete with devastating hail -- struck Egypt. It was the country's worst-ever storm.

True or false: Did God warn the Israelites before the terrible storm of the seventh plague?

The night before the storm, God alerted the Israelites (via Facebook Messenger, we assume) that a terrible storm was coming. Thus warned, they sheltered their livestock from harm.

The eight plague turned out to be one of God's best-known hits. In this plague, he sends swarms of _____ across the land.

In the eighth plague, swarms of locusts spread out over Egypt. They even invaded homes, making it darn hard to sleep at night.

What terrible effect did the locusts have on Egypt?

What few crops the hailstorm didn't destroy, the locusts did. Egypt will be eating nothing but Taco Bell for quite some time.

Who does God call on to deliver the ninth plague?

In the ninth plague, God calls up Moses to deliver the goods. Moses raises his hands to the sky ... and pizza falls from the heavens. Just kidding, the sky turns black.

True or false: Were the Israelites also affected by the plagues that were tormenting their masters?

God had no desire to harm the Israelites. The plagues made the Egyptians miserable ... but magically didn't affect the Israelites at all.

In the ninth plague, Moses and God turn the sky to darkness. How long does the darkness last?

In the ninth plague, the sky turns black for three days. By now the Egyptians are like, please, take these Israelites and go away! But no, God's not having it. He's got one more plague He wants to fine-tune.

True or false: Did darkness fall where the Israelites were living?

As three days of darkness fell on Egypt, the Israelites were like, what's all the fuss about? Because in their neighborhoods, the sun rose and fell just like it always had.

Before the 10th and final plague, what did God order the Israelites to do?

God ordered the Israelites to mark their doors with blood. That way, it'd be easier to identify the plague's next victims.

Where did the Israelites find blood to mark their doorposts, and thus protect their families from the tenth plague?

On God's orders, the Israelites took a few drops from young lambs or goats and marked their doorposts. They also left cookies and milk by the fireplace, because you never know!

Who delivered the 10th plague?

God sends an angel, who passes by the marked homes of the Israelites. For the unmarked homes? Then angel kills the firstborn child and animal of every family. Harsh!

After the 10th plague, what did the Pharaoh do?

Following the 10th and final plague, the Pharaoh finally cried uncle. He threw his hands in the air and let the Israelites go, beginning the long and arduous Exodus.

After all of the suffering he'd endured, why did the Pharaoh decide to free the Israelites following the 10th plague?

The Pharaoh was enraged by all of the plagues and still didn't want to free the Israelites. But he did so ... because he was afraid that God would kill him next.

True or false: After freeing the Israelites, did the Pharaoh change his mind?

The Pharaoh just couldn't let it go ... immediately after freeing the Israelites, he sent his men in pursuit. But God had one last miracle in mind.

The Egyptians cornered the fleeing Israelites against the deep Red Sea. How did the Israelites escape?

God parted the Red Sea and the Israelites scurried through to the other side. The Egyptians pursued them ... but God sent the waters of the Red Sea crashing down on their heads.

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