Quiz: How Much Do You Remember About "Steel Magnolias"?
How Much Do You Remember About "Steel Magnolias"?
By: J. Reinoehl
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The 1989 film Steel Magnolias doesn't sound as hard nor as soft as the title's words may suggest -- because it is both! And this special quiz is no different. Directed by Herbert Ross, the film boasts of an ensemble cast of some of the most formidable women Hollywood has ever presented. There are also a few good and dapper men in the cast to support the fierce and funny women. Yes, this is indeed a drama as well as a comedy film, but the comedy is more about finding the humor in the situations that befall these female characters. While some may not have gotten the luck of the draw in life, some did, as all of them try their best to overcome the obstacles put in their way. Do you think you can identify some of these situations? We'll mention the important plot points for you to guess in the quiz! Perhaps what's more poignant than having these great female leads from different generations in one film is that they are all acting out a truly heartfelt story that really happened in, well, real life. See, the film is based on the play that carries the same title, authored by playwright Robert Harling. The material is actually his ode of sorts to his sister who died. The film is a dramatization of how his family's life was affected by this situation, before and after her death. So, without further delay, head on down South and take a stroll through this town where you can pick up some of these beautifully sturdy Steel Magnolias. Have fun with the quiz!

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Which of the ladies was married to Spud?
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What did Shelby find that her brothers were going to put on her honeymoon car?
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Which actress played Annelle?
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What shape was the groom's cake?
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What kind of drink did Sammy make for Annelle at the reception?
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What was Jackson getting Shelby for Christmas?
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What shocking news did Shelby give her mother at Christmas?
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"The sanctuary looks like it's been hosed down with ____________."
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What holiday did they celebrate during the wedding at the beginning of the movie?
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Who did Shelby bring to the Christmas party to fix up with Mrs. Ouiser?
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Finish the quote "Well, that's why God invented ______________________."
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What did Truvy do to Shelby's hair that upset her?
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During the summer when Jack, Jr. was one, what did Annelle keep doing that drove Sammy crazy.
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What did Owen Jenkins send Ouiser at least twice a week?
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On which holiday did Shelby collapse?
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Sally Field played which character?
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Who did Clairee say M'Lynn should hit?
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Who drove Sammy to the hospital when Annelle went into labor?
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