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Is there anything cooler than rockets? This is some of the most advanced technology that our world has ever known. As kids, we all dreamed of going to space, but today, my friend, you basically get the chance by taking this quiz!

A rocket can go how many times faster than a speeding bullet?

A rocket is equipped to go 22,000 miles per hour. That's 15x faster than a speeding bullet!

A rocket has ____ pounds of thrust.

A rocket has a million pounds of thrust, and more! That allows it to carry 6,000 pounds.

John Glenn's Friendship 7 spacecraft was launched by which family of space launch vehicles?

John Glenn was able to orbit in space thanks to an Atlas. This family of missiles and space crafts was created in the 1950s.

The Atlas V launch of 2006 reached record speeds of ________

Atlas V reached all-new records of speed by hitting 47,000 mph. That means that it could travel from Denver to New York in 2 minutes 16 seconds.

Who invented the first rocket in 1200 AD?

The Chinese were actually the first to invent a rocket in 1200 AD. Did you know that rockets are the oldest of all engines?

What do rockets use as fuel to power their thrusters?

Believe it or not, rockets use oxygen to power their thrusters. When in space, they use an oxidizer to create a propellant.

Who launched Sputnik I?

The Russians launched Sputnik I in 1957. This was the first satellite in human history - about the size of a beach ball!

The space race of the '60s was all about which of these?

Did you know that during the space race of the '60s there were no space shuttles? It was all about rockets!

Are launch rockets singular or multiple?

Launch rockets are made up of multiple rockets. When one rocket is spent, it breaks apart and falls away, making the entire unit lighter and faster.

The dependable Delta II rocket has launched how many times?

Delta II is considered the most dependable rocket in history. It has had more than 220 successful launches.

What do rockets use to slow their descent to earth?

When a rocket is falling back to earth, it uses parachutes to slow its descent. Some of these parachutes are hundreds of feet wide.

Were the first rockets solid fuel or liquid fuel rockets?

Although most rockets today use liquid fuel, the original Chinese rockets used solid fuel. Solid fuel engines have rods of rubbery fuel inside.

Nuclear thermal engines are _________.

Nuclear thermal engines are going to be the engines of the future. They would use a nuclear reactor to create ionized hydrogen gas.

When was the first liquid fuel rocket launched?

The very first liquid fuel rocket was launched in 1926 by Robert Goddard. It went almost 40 feet into the air.

Why do rockets have so much thrust?

Rockets have so much thrust and power so they can overcome the pull of the earth's atmosphere. This kind of force is necessary to launch a spacecraft into space.

The first rocket capable of reaching space was made for what purpose?

The first rocket that was capable of reaching space was the German V2. The rocket was made for war purposes by Werner von Braun.

Atlas and Delta rockets have been launched successfully​ ______ times.

There have been more than 1,300 successful launches of Atlas and Delta rockets. That's a lot of space travel!

The Delta IV Heavy can launch a rocket the size of ______.

The Delta IV Heavy can launch the largest satellites, roughly the size of a semi-truck - about 29,000 pounds. The Atlas V or Delta IV can launch satellites that weigh the same as a Humvee - about 6,500 pounds.

What is the success rate of the Delta II?

Imagine, a rocket that can boast a 99% success rate! Someone has to give rocket scientists a great deal of credit on that one.

Where are Atlas and Delta launch vehicles produced?

It's in Decatur, Alabama, where all the magic happens. The facility is 1.6 million square feet in size.

What does ULA stand for?

The United Launch Alliance is the union of Lockheed Martin Space Systems and Boeing Defense, Space & Security. The ULA's headquarters are in Centennial, Colorado.

What carries vehicle hardware from the rocket factory to Cape Canaveral, Florida?

The massive cargo ship, the Delta Mariner, actually carries vehicle hardware from Alabama by traversing the Tennessee River. Imagine seeing that ship go by! The trip takes about 8 days.

Are there homemade rockets?

There are tons of homemade rockets! A popular hobby, rocketry is a fun pastime in America. It's possible to purchase a kit and have your own blastoff.

How long does it take to carry the rocket from the vertical integration facility to the launch site?

It takes about a half hour to get the rocket to travel the 1,800 feet from the facility to the launch pad. The transport platform weighs over one million pounds.

Solar thermal engines use what to heat gases?

Solar thermal engines are considered the engines of the future. They use a mirror to collect the sun's rays and heat gases.

Which rocket launched the Apollo mission to the moon?

Saturn V single-handily launched the Apollo mission to the moon. It's the most powerful rocket ever made.

Early Atlas models used what as tube supports?

Atlas models as recent as the IIAS used wood as fairleads, which are tube supports along the side of the booster tank. These supports were made of fir wood.

Early rockets were used for what?

Some of the original rockets were used for fireworks and rescuing people at sea. Rockets were launched over an ailing ship, securing a breeches buoy for carrying soldiers back to shore by rope.

The heat produced by a rocket is ______

Okay, that's an easy answer, but the moral of the story is that the heat that a rocket produces could heat 85,000 homes for a day. That's an unbelievable amount of heat.

Which of these is a modern space innovator?

The modern company Space X is working on innovations, such as reusable rockets. These rockets are designed to land back on a launch pad.

How tall is the Atlas V 500?

Would you believe that the Atlas V 500 is actually 19 stories high? That's equivalent to 205 feet in height. Talk about power.

Which president sent a Christmas greeting orbiting through space?

In 1958, Dwight D. Eisenhower made a recorded Christmas greeting that traveled on the Atlas B booster as it orbited Earth. Talk about celebrating the holidays.

Who flew on the Mercury Atlas-5 in 1961?

Do you remember Enos the chimp? He completed his orbit in 1 hour 28.5 minutes. Go Enos!

Who was the first American to orbit the Earth?

John Glenn was the first American to orbit the Earth. The Mercury-Atlas 6 carried him into orbit on February 20th, 1962. Yuri Gagarin was the first man ever to do so, in 1961; he was Russian.

Where do rocket boosters land when they break from the ship?

Rocket boosters land in the ocean. They can often not be reused, due to salt damage.

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