Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Rockets?
How Much Do You Know About Rockets?
By: Annette
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Is there anything cooler than rockets? This is some of the most advanced technology that our world has ever known. As kids, we all dreamed of going to space, but today, my friend, you basically get the chance by taking this quiz!

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A rocket can go how many times faster than a speeding bullet?
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A rocket has ____ pounds of thrust.
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John Glenn's Friendship 7 spacecraft was launched by which family of space launch vehicles?
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The Atlas V launch of 2006 reached record speeds of ________
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Who invented the first rocket in 1200 AD?
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What do rockets use as fuel to power their thrusters?
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Who launched Sputnik I?
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The space race of the '60s was all about which of these?
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Are launch rockets singular or multiple?
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The dependable Delta II rocket has launched how many times?
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What do rockets use to slow their descent to earth?
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Were the first rockets solid fuel or liquid fuel rockets?
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When was the first liquid fuel rocket launched?
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The first rocket capable of reaching space was made for what purpose?
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Atlas and Delta rockets have been launched successfully​ ______ times.
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The Delta IV Heavy can launch a rocket the size of ______.
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What is the success rate of the Delta II?
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Where are Atlas and Delta launch vehicles produced?
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What carries vehicle hardware from the rocket factory to Cape Canaveral, Florida?
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Are there homemade rockets?
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How long does it take to carry the rocket from the vertical integration facility to the launch site?
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Solar thermal engines use what to heat gases?
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Which rocket launched the Apollo mission to the moon?
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Early Atlas models used what as tube supports?
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Early rockets were used for what?
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The heat produced by a rocket is ______
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Which of these is a modern space innovator?
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How tall is the Atlas V 500?
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Which president sent a Christmas greeting orbiting through space?
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Who flew on the Mercury Atlas-5 in 1961?
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Who was the first American to orbit the Earth?
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Where do rocket boosters land when they break from the ship?
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