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You know them by the sounds of their rattles and their toxic venom. While they are often feared, rattlesnakes aren't really as vicious as they may seem. If you think you know what's under the surface of these incredible reptiles, this is the quiz for you!

Do you know how many babies a female rattlesnake can give birth to? Do you know how long a rattlesnake can go without food? What about the ancient civilization that depicted rattlesnakes in their art? Do you know what it is called when a rattlesnake bites, but does not inject venom? These animals are unique and adapt to the world differently than many other species.

Do you know what a rattlesnake cannot control about itself? Can you name the smallest species of rattlesnake? Do you know how many different species of rattlesnakes there are in the world? If those questions were too easy, then do you know what is not an accurate way to tell the age of a rattlesnake?

Rattlesnakes come in all shapes and sizes, but they all have many things in common with each other. If you think you're an expert on the rattlesnake, then what are you waiting for? Venture into the outdoors and bite into this quiz!

Where does the "rattle" in the snake's name come from?

The "rattle" in rattlesnake comes from the sound of the rattle on its tail. Did you know that the rattle is not filled with anything, it's actually the skin that makes the noise?


Is it true or false that rattlesnakes are venomous?

This is true. All rattlesnakes are venomous, although this doesn't necessarily mean that their bite is always fatal. Did you know that baby rattlesnakes can be more venomous than their parents?


What should you do when faced with a rattlesnake?

If you find yourself face to face with a rattlesnake, you should slowly back away as to not provoke it. Rattlesnakes do not want to bite a human any more than a human would want to be bitten.


Why would a rattlesnake rattle its tail?

Rattlesnakes rattle their tails as a warning to stay away or to let you know that if you continue to bother them, they may bite you. They may also hiss to indicate this as well.


Is it true or false that rattlesnake bites can be fatal?

This is true. Rattlesnake bites can be fatal, but if treated in time they are usually not. Leaving it untreated however, can lead to fatalities.


What part of the body does a rattlesnake use to pick up scents?

A rattlesnake uses its tongue to pick up on scents. In mating season, males can pick up on pheromones from the female using this method as well.


Which of the following snakes is not a rattlesnake?

Garter snakes are not rattlesnakes, but a common, harmless snake. They are small and non-venomous unlike the larger rattlesnake.


What can a rattlesnake sense?

Rattlesnakes are able to sense heat through infrared sensors that they have in their heads. It allows them to tell if they're near another animal or human.


How long does a rattlesnake typically go without eating?

Rattlesnakes often go about 2 weeks without eating. This time period can depend on the size of their last meal, as that determines how hungry they are.


What doesn't a baby rattlesnake have?

A baby rattlesnake does not have a rattle. This is because the rattle develops each time the snake sheds its skin, which a baby has not experienced yet.


Which of the following is one of the smallest species of rattlesnakes?

The Pigmy rattlesnake is one of the smallest species of these snakes. The pigmy can grow to be up to 60 centimeters and in contrast, the Eastern Diamondback can grow to be 8 feet.


Where does a rattlesnake's venom get released from?

A rattlesnake releases its venom through its fangs when it bites. There are sacs in its head that produce the venom and connect to the teeth.


Is it true or false that a rattlesnakes can't swim.

This is false. Rattlesnakes are very capable of swimming and swim for a variety of different reasons. They will even swim to find food if they must.


During the day, where would you likely find a rattlesnake?

Rattlesnakes typically stay in their caves during the day, especially during the summer. They would rather come out in the fall when it isn't so hot.


What is it called when a rattlesnake bites, but does not inject venom?

A bite from a rattlesnake that does not inject venom is called a dry bite. If bitten by a rattlesnake, whether or not you believe it was a dry bite or not, it is always important to seek medical attention to be safe.


What is unique about the eye of a rattlesnake?

The pupil of the rattlesnake is unique in that it is similar to a cat's pupil. It is long and narrow, from the top of the eye to the bottom.


Is it true or false that a rattlesnake hibernates?

This is true. Rattlesnakes hibernate along with many others of their kind during the winter months. It is very common for them to hibernate in the same spot every year.


What do males do to show dominance in mating season?

Male rattlesnakes show their dominance in mating season by fighting with one another. These fights break out over females, as the more dominant snake will get to mate with her.


Which ancient civilization depicted rattlesnakes in paintings and sculptures?

The Aztecs depicted the rattlesnake in their paintings and sculptures. The rattlesnake played an important part in their mythology.


Which of the following is a predator to rattlesnakes?

Coyotes are a predator to rattlesnakes. They have many other predators as well, including large birds and other snakes.


What can a rattlesnake not control?

Rattlesnakes can't control their temperatures. This is why you will commonly find them laying in the sun to warm up, as their body is incapable of doing this itself.


Is it true or false that rattlesnakes are herbivores?

This is false. Rattlesnakes are carnivores that prey on small animals such as birds and rats. The rattlesnake bites and injects venom into its prey to kill it.


Which of the following colors would you not find on a rattlesnake?

You would not find the color red on a rattlesnake. It is important for rattlesnakes to stay camouflaged, therefore they take on Earth colors such as brown and gray to blend in.


When do rattlesnakes like to be out and about?

Rattlesnakes love to be out when it's hot outside. When the sun is out, they can often be found bathing in it to warm themselves up.


Is it true or false that rattlesnakes give live births?

This is true. It is common for most snakes to lay eggs, but a rattlesnake gives live birth instead. They typically give birth to around 10 babies.


Which sense does a rattlesnake not have?

Rattlesnakes do not have the ability to hear as most animals do. Instead, their form of hearing is conducted through vibrations that they feel in their jaws.


What is the most venomous species of rattlesnake?

The Mojave Rattlesnake is the most venomous of all of the species. Although it is highly venomous, a bite from the snake can be treated if done quickly after it happens.


How many species of rattlesnakes are there?

There are over 30 species of rattlesnake worldwide. Some of these include the Western Diamondback Rattlesnake and Massasauga.


What is a common misconception about rattlesnakes?

A common misconception about rattlesnakes is that you can tell their age from their rattle. This is inaccurate because it is possible for parts of their rattles to break off, meaning that their age cannot be determined by this factor.


Which of the following places would you not a find a rattlesnake?

Rattlesnakes are not found in Egypt. Rattlesnakes are native to all three of the other countries listed, whereas Egypt is home to snakes like vipers.


Which species of rattlesnake is considered vulnerable in British Columbia?

The Northern Pacific Rattlesnake is considered vulnerable in British Columbia, Canada. There are a number of different factors that lead to this, such as habitat loss.


How long can a wild rattlesnake live?

A wild rattlesnake can live to be about 25 years old. In captivity, rattlesnakes can live even longer, lengthening their life to as far as 35 years.


What shape is a rattlesnake's head?

A rattlesnake's head is the shape of a diamond, which is a good way of identifying whether or not you are faced with one. That is if you're that close to one!


How often do female rattlesnakes reproduce?

Rattlesnakes reproduce about every three years. In order to attract mates, the female spreads pheromones that the male follows to find her.


Which rattlesnake would you find in only Alberta and Saskatchewan?

The Prairie Rattlesnake is the only rattlesnake found in Alberta and Saskatchewan. Did you know that this species can grow to be over 100 centimeters in length?


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