Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Queen Elizabeth I?
How Much Do You Know About Queen Elizabeth I?
By: John Miller
Image: Wiki Commons

About This Quiz

In in time when kings and queens saw their fleeting powers come and go with the changing of the seasons, she was a titan of the age. Even today, she’s so famous that historians have named the entire era after her. She was Elizabeth I, not just another monarch, but a ruler who created a timeless legacy. Enter the court of this regal quiz — what do you really know Queen Elizabeth?

Her life story is nothing short of epic, and it started with one of England’s most dramatic reigns. Not only was Elizabeth’s father a little unhinged, but he took numerous wives, one of whom gave birth to a little girl who would become princess. Do you know anything about Elizabeth’s earliest days and they affected her royal upbringing?

Her life and reign have inspired numerous movies and TV shows, and playing her is one of the bucket list items for any actress aspiring to the lofty heights of Oscar winner. Do it well, and you'll never audition for a part again.

Even as a young woman it was clear that Elizabeth was no idle child of the crown. Smart, skilled, and shrewd, she eventually became a world-famous ruler. Take this Queen Elizabeth quiz now!

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