Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Open-Wheel Racing?
How Much Do You Know About Open-Wheel Racing?
By: John Miller
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About This Quiz

Gentlemen, start your engines! It’s time to rev up this open-wheel racing quiz and see if you really know anything about this exhilarating and hazardous motor sport. Will you cross the finish line first … or crash and burn during your first qualifying lap?

For more than 100 years, open-wheel racing has been a tradition around the world. Thanks to guys like American race car driver and constructor Ray Harroun, open-wheel racing spread after the turn of the century and never looked into the rearview mirror. Do you recall the most famous open-wheel race car drivers ever to hit the track?

These drivers travel the world seeking fame and fortune in a rich championship series. Do you know the names of the most famous races? Events like the 24 Hours of Le Mans and the Indianapolis 500 have captivated spectators for decades and crowned some of the best champions ever to grab a steering wheel.

Maybe you think you know all about the technology and men of open-wheel racing history. And perhaps your reflexes are on par with Ayrton Senna and “Mr. Monaco.” But there’s only one way to prove it. There’s the green flag! Hit the gas and zoom by the competition in this open-wheel racing quiz!

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Open-wheel race cars are often known by which name?
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What is the highest class in Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile formula racing?
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True or false, are modern open-wheel cars generally meant for racing?
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Open-wheel cars almost always have ____ seat(s).
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Each Formula 1 season consists of championship races that are called _____.
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Juan Manuel Fangio was a famous early F1 driver. What was one of his nicknames?
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Grands Prix races all have a minimum distance of _____ miles.
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True or false, are some F1 races held on public roads?
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Michael Schumacher is a famous retired race car driver from which nation?
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At one point, German F1 driver Michael Schumacher won ______ consecutive World Championships.
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F1 racing is renowned for which aspect?
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Since 2012, the United States Grand Prix has been held in which state?
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Typical F1 tires last about how long?
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What was Scottish driver Jackie Stewart's nickname?
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Formula 1 racing is notoriously dangerous. How many F1 drivers have been killed?
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In 2014, Jules Bianchi was killed during which race?
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In the 2003 Italian Grand Prix, Michael Schumacher set the record for highest average race speed. What was his speed?
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Do modern F1 cars utilize computerized traction control systems?
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Which company currently supplies F1 tires?
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In 1976, driver Niki Lauda was racing in the German Grand Prix, when what happened?
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In 1976, driver Niki Lauda suffered terrible burns at the German Grand Prix. How long was it before he returned to racing?
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Juan Manuel Fangio holds the record for F1 winning percentage. He won _____ of the F1 races he entered.
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True or false, are open-wheel car designs actually more aerodynamic than closed-wheel cars?
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Michael Schumacher earned more Grand Prix wins than any driver in history. How many wins does he have?
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Alberto Ascari was an F1 driver who died at the age of 36, the same age that his father died. How was his father killed?
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The 2011 Canadian Grand Prix was the longest, slowest race in F1 history. How long did the race last?
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Canadian driver Gilles Villeneuve died during qualifying at the 1982 Belgian Grand Prix. How old was he?
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True or false, are slick tires currently allowed in F1 races?
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Who won the 2017 United States Grand Prix?
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