Quiz: How much do you know about news headlines for the week of 6/12-6/18?
How much do you know about news headlines for the week of 6/12-6/18?
By: John Miller
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From terror attacks to basketball titles, the past week has been a busy one for journalists. How much do you know about the headlines from the past week?

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What disaster struck a high-rise apartment building in London?
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What was one ominous detail to emerge from the London high-rise fire?
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NBC news anchor Megyn Kelly faced backlash after she interviewed which controversial person?
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Scientists announced a new drug that makes your skin look ______?
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The NBA Finals came to a conclusion. Which team won the championship?
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Which player won the MVP award during the NBA Finals?
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On Wednesday, a gunman opened fire on American politicians at which event?
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In California, a couple pleaded guilty to animal neglect because they had way too many what?
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U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions was harshly questioned regarding what matter?
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In a cluttered Arizona garage, a mysterious painting was found. The painting was probably created by whom?
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YouTube singing sensation Austin Jones was arrested on which charges?
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As the Otto Warmbier drama unfolded, which former sports star headed to North Korea?
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Dennis Rodman made his trip to North Korea, thanks to an unusual corporate sponsor. What sort of business paid for his trip?
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Where did the Georgia prisoners make their escape?
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What tragedy unfolded at a Chinese kindergarten?
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In the midst of a sexual harrassment scandal, the CEO of Uber decided to take a leave of absence, for what reason?
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Famous director Oliver Stone this week took public heat for his soft interview of which person?
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A 7-year-old girl from Louisiana visited Chicago police officers. Why?
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A female American Airlines passenger was whisked off of a plane in Minneapolis. What happened to her?
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United Nations war crimes investigators said that U.S.-led strikes on ISIS in the Syrian city of Raqqa are causing what?
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What happened to a young man at Yellowstone National Park?
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A (very minor) firestorm erupted when it was revealed that French McDonald's restaurants are serving meals with what?
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What happened to James Hodgkinson, the man who opened fire on members of Congress who were practicing baseball?
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