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Alliances matter -- just ask Europe. When diplomacy fails and commanders bring arms to bear, sometimes countries only survive because of their clever military alliances. Whether you call them treaties, pacts, or agreements, military alliances take on many forms, but they all rely on the buddy system – if someone attacks you, your friends will come to your aid. What do you really know about the vital alliances in this quiz?

Anyone who took basic history classes can name the two primary combatants of the Second World War. One side featured countries aligned with fascist and imperialistic goals, while the other squared off for freedom and liberty. Do you recall much about the alliances of WWII?

Fewer people remember the circumstances of the First World War. This conflict found some major nations battling to the death. Do you know the allies and foes of WWI?

Emperor Napoleon ran wild in Europe in the early 1800s … until he was met with the combined force of European countries. Their additive power finally put an end to French dominance.

Wield the power of partnership in this military alliances quiz! Perhaps your army’s fates will rest with your friendships!

The Central Powers were a famous alliance during which major conflict?

The Central Powers banded together in World War I. They fought -- and lost -- side-by-side during the unexpectedly bloody war.

In 1939, which of the following countries was NOT part of the Allies when World War II broke out in Europe?

When Germany invaded Poland in 1939, Britain, France and Poland were the core of the Allies. As Poland burned, France and Britain indecisively muddled about, unsure of how to deal with the Nazi threat.

NATO stands for what?

Founded in the wake of WWII, NATO is the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. It brings together much of the Western world into a powerful military alliance.

How many nations are part of NATO?

There are currently 29 members in NATO. The headquarters of this major military alliance are in Brussels, Belgium.

In 1942, the Allies of WWII were officially called what?

At the start of the war, they were just the Allies. A January 1, 1942 Declaration by United Nations was a groundbreaking bit of document that called them the United Nations. And world alliances were forever changed.

Which nation was NOT part of the Central Powers of World War I?

France was an enemy of the Central Powers. The Central Powers were Germany, the Ottoman Empire, Bulgaria and Austria-Hungary.

The Central Powers made up one alliance of World War I. What was the opposing alliance called?

World War I started with a single political assassination, but was exacerbated by other factors. It found the Central Powers clashing with the Allied Powers.

What was the name of the pact that Japan, Germany and Italy signed during World War II?

In September 1940, Japan, Germany and Italy all signed the Tripartite Pact. Their allegiance helped to form the Axis Powers of the Second World War.

The Warsaw Pact was a major military alliance that brought together which type of countries?

Created in 1955 during the Cold War, the Warsaw Pact founded a military alliance between the USSR and other Communist states. The Pact became a symbol of the East versus West, and in many minds, good versus evil.

What was the purpose of the 1955 Sino-American Mutual Defense Treaty?

Signed between the U.S. and the Republic of China, the Sino-American Mutual Defense Treaty was meant to stop the People's Republic of China from seizing Taiwan in the wake of the Chinese Civil War.

The 1900 Eight-Nation Alliance was created in response to which violent episode?

In 1899, many Chinese peasants rose up in the Boxer Rebellion, a spate of nationalistic anti-foreigner violence. The (mostly European) Eight-Nation Alliance sent many troops to protect their interests in the region.

The Rio Treaty includes many countries from which area?

Created in 1947, the Inter-American Treaty of Reciprocal Assistance -- the Rio Treaty -- was formalized in Rio de Janeiro. It basically means that an attack on one country of the Americas is an attack on all of them.

How many nations are currently part of the Rio Treaty, which protects the Americas from attack?

There were originally 23 signatories on the 1947 Rio Treaty. Now there are 17 members, including the United States, Colombia, Peru and more.

The Triple Alliance of 1882 was a secret pact between Italy, Austria-Hungary, and Germany meant to thwart threats from which nation?

With France lurking as a potential aggressor, Italy, Austria-Hungary and Germany all signed the secret Triple Alliance. Each nation promised to take specific action in the event of a French attack.

On January 1, 1942, how many Allied countries signed on to the Declaration of United Nations?

By early 1942, many nations realized the threat of the Axis. Twenty-six countries signed the Declaration of United Nations, and the Allies kept up the fight against Axis imperialism.

How did the Eight-Nation Alliance fare during the Boxer Rebellion?

The Eight-Nation Alliance set off to suppress the Boxer Rebellion in China. And that's exactly what they did -- the rebellion was ended with the famous Boxer Protocol.

The Tripartite Pact of WWII was mostly targeted at which nation?

Japan, Germany and Italy all recognized America as a threat to their imperialistic aims. The Tripartite Pact was meant to align these nations against the U.S. during WWII.

The 1936 Anti-Comintern Pact was an alliance between Germany and _____.

The Anti-Comintern Pact was an agreement between Germany and Japan. It aligned both nations in a protective alliance against Communist forces, chiefly the USSR.

The ANZUS Treaty is a security agreement between the U.S. and which countries?

Created in 1951, the ANZUS Treaty is a security pact between the U.S., Australia and New Zealand. If any nation attacks one of these three countries, the other two are likely to intervene.

What event sparked the formation of the ANZUS Treaty?

As fears about the spread of Communism escalated, the U.S, New Zealand and Australia all signed the ANZUS Treaty. The Cold War inspired plenty of other military alliances, too.

Which country was NOT part of the Warsaw Pact?

The Warsaw Pact was an alliance that brought together many Communist elements of Central and Eastern Europe. As such, it didn’t include China.

Which of the following countries was a major Allied force in WWII?

When WWII broke out, the USSR fought alongside Germany. But Hitler's treachery forced the Soviets to switch sides … and they became a hugely important Allied force.

Where did NATO take its first joint military action?

In the early '90s, NATO finally took up arms in joint military action, in Bosnia. NATO's goal was to keep the peace after the bloody Bosnian War.

Article 5 of the North Atlantic treaty specifies that members must offer assistance to any nation that comes under attack. How many times has that article been invoked in NATO's history?

Article 5 of the North Atlantic treaty has been invoked just once in the history of NATO. That happened after the terrorist attacks against the U.S. on September 11, 2001.

Which nation did NOT join the Tripartite Pact?

The Tripartite Pact initially included Japan, Italy and Germany, and later, countries like Croatia and Bulgaria. The USSR considered joining but ultimately decided not to.

Which event eventually led to East Germany's withdrawal from the Warsaw Pact?

The fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 led to East Germany's reunification with West Germany. And it also meant that East Germany withdrew from the Communist's Warsaw Pact.

What was the purpose of the 1873 League of the Three Emperors?

The League of the Three Emperors was an alliance between Germany, Russia and Austria-Hungary. It lasted intermittently for about a decade, meant to keep disruptive European elements under control.

True or false, was Finland a member of the Tripartite Pact in WWII?

Finland fought like mad against Soviet intrusions during WWII and was thus aligned with Germany for parts of the conflict. But it never signed the Tripartite Pact.

The 1815 Quadruple Alliance was formed in response to threats from which force?

For years, France (and Napoleon) dominated much of Europe. The 1815 Quadruple Alliance found Austria, Prussia, Russia, and the U.K. banding together against the French.

NATO nations make up about what percentage of global military spending?

Western countries like the U.S., France and Britain are vital members of NATO. The heavily-armed NATO makes up about 70% of global military spending each year.

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