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Luxury cars are in a class all their own. People pine for them, study them and covet them. But how much do you know about luxury cars? In this quiz, we'll explore the good, the better and the best. By the end, you'll be feeling the need for speed.

Who is the lead in the luxury electric car market?

Tesla is turning heads with their luxury electric cars. The Tesla Model S literally puts out no emissions at all.

Which luxury car can blow its own doors off in the event of an emergency?

The Lamborghini Aventador has small explosives to blow the hinges off the doors, in the event the car flips over. Scissor doors won't open, after all, if the car is upside-down.

What's the world's biggest gas-guzzler?

The Bugatti Veyron actually gets 8 miles per gallon in the city, or 15 miles per gallon on the highway. Plan for many refueling stops.

How long does it take to build a Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud?

Each Silver Cloud takes three months or more to make! It makes sense, when you consider that it has 12 coats of paint!

Which luxury car had a mini bar in the glove compartment?

The 1950 Cadillac El Dorado actually had a mini bar in the glove compartment! Seems like that wasn't a safe idea.

Who instructed James Dean to not get into his new Porsche?

The famous actor Alec Guinness told James Dean that his Porsche would be the death of him. A week later, he was dead.

Which car has an engine so quiet that fake engine noises are played instead?

The BMW M5 engine is so quiet, that it creates a fake engine noise. This is to remind riders of the engine's superior performance.

What kind of car does Batman drive in Christopher Nolan's film?

Batman drives a Lamborghini! It's actually called the Murcielago, which means "bat" en Espanol.

Which car achieved the fastest speeds on the German Autobahn in 1938?

A Mercedes reached the fastest speed on the German Autobahn in 1938. It was 268 miles per hour. Has no one topped that since?

Who has a car engine that is tuned like music?

Ferrari engines are engineered using the 3rd and 6th harmonics upon air intake. That basically means you're driving a luxury flute.

What is the Alfa Romeo logo?

Seems a little violent, no? Alfa Romeo chose for their logo a snake eating a human. It's is actually a pretty awesome logo.

Which car has leather AC vents?

If you ask for it, Porsche will wrap your AC vents in leather. Maybe if you insist, they'll also wrap you in leather.

What's true about the Aston Martin used in "Skyfall"?

The one that blew up was only a 3D printed model. They were afraid of damaging the real one, of course.

Why did BMW have to recall their GPS systems?

Literally, German men did not want to take orders from a female voice. There's a cultural problem here, guys.

Which of these cars is in the Dubai police fleet?

All of these cars are in the Dubai police fleet! This is so they can catch up to people who are speeding. Makes sense.

What luxury car did Miles Davis own?

He owned a Ferrari. It is said that his lawyer called the police to tell them that Miles had purchased the car so that they wouldn't assume that he stole it. Oh, being African-American in America. . .

How did Audi need to refine their cars for Indian customers?

Apparently, in India, people use the horn so much that Audi needed to create a whole new horn! I hope they made the sound system louder too.

Where did FDR's first limousine come from?

Al Capone's Cadillac had run-flat tires and reinforced cladding. It had been seized by the treasury agents and used for the president's limousine!

Volkswagon Group currently has how many brands under its umbrella?

As of 2017, there are actually 12 car brands under the Volkswagen umbrella. These include Audi, Bentley, Lamborghini, Porsche and so many more!

How many Ferrari FXXs are there in the world?

There are only 30 Ferrari FXX cars, and they cost $2 million or more! Not only that, you can't even take the car home with you! Ferrari stores it for you, taking it to track events when you want to show it off.

Which actor is rumored to have free Aston Martins for life?

Just for playing Bond, Daniel Craig was given free Aston Martins for life - according to rumor. This idea came from a quote in which the actor said Aston Martin lets him drive one on a track whenever he wants.

Lamborghini started off manufacturing what?

Lamborghini started by manufacturing small tractors. When he went to Ferrari to ask for advice about his personal car, he was turned away. Little did Ferrari know!

Which car did Bill Gates illegally bring to the U.S.?

The Porsche 959 supercar was illegal in the States, but Gates ordered it anyway! The car was impounded for over a decade.

What country's police acquired and lost a Lamborghini within a year?

In 2008, Italy was given a pair of Lamborghini Gallardos for its police force. One was crashed and gone within a year.

More than half of the cars from which luxury brand are still on the road?

Sixty-five percent of all Rolls-Royce's are still on the road! That's pretty insane, considering that they started making cars in 1906.

Which airport is full of abandoned sports cars?

When someone goes bankrupt in Dubai, they flee town. That means that they usually leave their luxury cars at the airport!

What's the latest in luxury car doors?

Auto-closing doors are a big thing for luxury sedans. This is true for the BMW 740Li. No more slamming doors!

What did the Maharaja of Alwar use his Rolls-Royces for?

When he was rebuffed by a salesperson, the Maharaja of Alwar decided to buy a fleet of cars to prove his wealth. Once back in India, they were used for garbage collection.

How did a famous British businessman kill himself in his Aston Martin?

Okay, this is awful. But Gerald Mellin tied a rope around his neck and attached it to a tree. Then he drove off in his Aston Martin. Get the picture?

Which car causes sexual arousal in women?

Apparently, the Maserati Quattroporte’s exhaust is at a frequency that is supposed to arouse women. Has this been tested?

How many gears do you find on a Tesla car?

There is only one gear on a Tesla car. And the electric powertrain is supposed to be the size of a watermelon.

Which of these car manufacturers caters to both the luxury and standard audiences?

Lexus caters to both, as part of Toyota. But BMW and Mercedes only cater to the luxury audience.

Which car has hypnotizing headlights?

The Scion C-HR actually has headlights in the front that are LED and in crop-circle formation. Apparently, you can be hypnotized when looking at these lights. Sounds safe.

Which car has light therapy in the cabin?

Not only does the Kia Telluride have light therapy in the cabin, it also has smart sensors which can read your vital health information when you get in the seat. Beats going to the doctor.

What do you call the little statue on the front of a car?

The mascot sits at the front of the car. It's very common with Rolls-Royce and other luxury brands. Jaguar does it too.

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