Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Iconic Rocker, Kurt Cobain?
How Much Do You Know About Iconic Rocker, Kurt Cobain?
By: Heather Cahill
Image: NirvanaVEVO

About This Quiz

Kurt Cobain left a legendary mark on not only the music industry but also on the lives of the people he touched. Gone too soon, he had his fair share of struggles and hard times that he worked to navigate through. His music speaks to many and it is highly regarded in the music industry. Many tales of his habits, ways of life and feelings have been heard.

Can you name the band that Kurt formed? What about the album that still receives endless praise? Do you know what the inspiration was for the songs that he wrote? Kurt and the bands and people that he worked with created the soundtrack to a generation. He was often regarded as the embodiment of Generation X.

Do you know the bands that he feuded with? Do you know how many children he had? Do you know what Kurt suffered from? Kurt's personal life wasn't always happy, and he had his own problems that he was forced to deal with, sometimes even publicly.

He is named among some of the most legendary rockers, speaking to his talent and ambition when he lived. There is a lot to know about the man who changed the genre. If you think you're a true fan of Kurt, take the quiz to see your score!

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