Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Horses?
How Much Do You Know About Horses?
By: Annette

About This Quiz

Whether you ride horses or have always just admired them, you have to admit that horses are exceptional animals. Beautiful, majestic and powerful, horses are a big part of our history. In this quiz, we're going to explore some fun facts about these remarkable creatures.

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How do horses sleep?
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How do horses communicate their feelings?
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All North American horses are descendants of . . . ?
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How big is a horse brain compared to a human brain?
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What is the fear of horses called?
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What's another name for a horse trailer?
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What do you call a female horse?
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Horses are which of these?
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What do horses prefer for food?
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What's the average gallop speed?
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How much water do horses drink a day?
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How long does a horse typically live?
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How many horses are in the world?
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What is the longest verified lifespan for a horse?
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What is the purest of all the horse breeds?
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When does a horse breathe through its mouth?
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What is the national animal of Scotland?
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What is a horse's field of vision like?
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How many senses do horses have?
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Can horses see purple and violet?
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How much saliva do horses produce in a day?
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For how long have horses been domesticated?
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What do you call a male horse?
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Do horses dream at night?
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When do a horse's teeth stop growing?
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Which is the horse's closest relative?
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How are horses most comfortable trailering?
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During the early 1900s, what happened to the horse population?
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Which is true about the horse head from "The Godfather"?
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