Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Horseback Riding?
How Much Do You Know About Horseback Riding?
By: Torrance Grey
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About This Quiz

With the advent of the car, horseback riding shifted from being a mode of transportation to ... well, to several things: a pastime, a competitive sport, or a way to enjoy nature. There are many reasons that people still ride today. Horses are still part of work on ranches, they are used in cattle roping and other forms of livestock management. Search-and-rescue officers use horses to cover difficult, mountainous terrain. Across the west, rodeos are a place for ranch workers to show off their skills and stay in touch with their heritage, and agricultural schools often field rodeo teams. On the east coast and in the UK, sports like dressage and show jumping are more popular. 

As with nearly any activity, horseback riding is a good deal more enjoyable if you know what you're doing. That just takes a bit of time and hands-on practice. But even before you get on a horse for the first time, it helps to know some facts and ground rules. What's the number-one safety rule around barns and stables? Is it okay to give your horse a treat, and what kind? What's the difference between English and Western-style riding, and which should you learn?

How well do you know this sport and hobby? Show off your skills with our quiz, if you can't get out to the country and ride. Are you ready? Saddle up!

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Horseback riding is called a/an _______ sport.
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Which of these is NOT one of a horse's gaits?
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What is the canter called in Western riding?
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Which gait is generally considered to be the least comfortable?
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Which of these does an English saddle NOT have?
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Which of these activities would you use English tack for?
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About how long have humans been riding horses?
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Using one's legs to rise up out of the saddle rhythmically during a trot, making the ride smoother, is called _____.
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True or false: Shoeing a horse will make it faster.
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It is best to approach a horse from the ____.
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What are the supports for your feet, which hang from the saddle, called?
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Which of these do horses like as treats?
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Is it acceptable to wear a helmet while riding?
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What is a horse's height measured in?
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What is the metal bar in a bridle, which goes in the horse's mouth, called?
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Which of these is larger/heavier?
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The game with mallets and balls played on horseback is called _____.
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Which of these horses is known for its endurance in distance rides?
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Which of these horses is known to be very comfortable to ride?
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What is an ungelded male horse called?
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Which of these horse breeds often runs wild in North America?
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What are the long leather straps on the bridle, used for "steering," called?
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Which of these breeds would you be unlikely to ride?
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Which of these saddles has a "pommel"?
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Which of these horses is fastest over a short distance?
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What is the raised rear part of the saddle called?
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The American breed with colorfully mottled hindquarters is called the ______.
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What might a British rider call stirrups?
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True or false: Polo is a current Olympic sport.
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