Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Horse Grooming?
How Much Do You Know About Horse Grooming?
By: Teresa M.
Image: skynesher/E+/Getty Images

About This Quiz

Horses are magnificent and intelligent animals, but grooming is entirely left up to the owner. Having a horse is a commitment that goes deeper than feeding and cleaning out the stalls. To keep your horse healthy, proper grooming is essential. How much do you really know about it? 

From proper hoof care to preventing saddle sores, horse grooming goes far deeper than making a horse look beautiful for a competition. In fact, in order to properly care for a horse, it's recommended that grooming be done every day. In addition to cleanliness, horse grooming gives the owner a chance to check the horse for injuries and irritants like grit or bugs. 

During this quiz, we will take a tour through the stable and touch upon horse anatomy. How many of the grooming tools and basic horse care rules do you know? After you choose the response you think is correct, we'll tally up your results. Could you be considered a horse grooming expert, or could you use a few lessons? Once you've completed this quiz, your level of horse care knowledge will let you know where you fall on the scale. 

How much to you know about horse grooming? This quiz will let you know. Giddy up!

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What is usually the first tool used in a horse grooming session?
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Which direction should a horse always be brushed in?
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Which condition caused by exposure to wet weather should be looked for by the groomer?
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What is the tool called that's used to clean a horse's feet?
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What should be used to remove tangles from the mane and tail?
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What do you use to remove excess moisture from a horse's skin?
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What is a popular material for polishing mitts to be made from?
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Which skin disease can be passed from horse to horse by sharing the same brushes?
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What is the name of the tool sometimes used to comb a horse's tail?
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On what part of the horse's body would you find a girth sore?
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Where are horses most sensitive to brushing?
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Why should shampoos containing peroxide never be used on horses?
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What should you look carefully at your horse's hooves to find?
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How often should a horse have its teeth checked?
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What kind of bristles does a dandy brush have?
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What should you use to clean a horse's face?
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Which grooming tool helps to get rid of excess winter hair?
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How often should a horse's hooves be conditioned?
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What part of the horse should you brush to promote hair growth at the tail?
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How often should you clean a sheath or udder?
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How long should you wait to show a horse after performing body clipping?
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What can you use to remove static cling from your horse's mane and tail?
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What baby item can be used beneath the saddle blanket to prevent rubbing?
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What must you do with grooming brushes after you use them?
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What can you apply with grooming mitts?
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Why should you use soft sponges when bathing your horse?
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What is the most important factor in a horse having a healthy coat?
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How often should you muck out a horse's stall?
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What should be applied to a horse after bathing to help maintain its temperature?
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What might you use an old washcloth for while grooming a horse?
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