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They are some of the most remarkable creatures on earth, but many of them we never encounter! Sea creatures are some of the oldest on this planet, and in this quiz, we're going to test your knowledge of those that dwell in the deep. Things are about to get fishy.

Fish have been on earth for more than ______ years.

Fish have been on earth for more than 450 million years. They were around long before dinosaurs!

How many species of fish are there?

There are actually over 25,000 species of fish that have been discovered. But there are still so many that are yet to be discovered.

How many species of fish are yet to be discovered?

Scientists claim that there are still 15,000 species of fish that are yet to be discovered. Brings new meaning to, "There's always another fish in the sea."

On this planet, which has the most species?

Not only do fish have the most species on the planet, but they have more species than all the other creatures combined. Talk about diversity!

Do fish feel pain?

Fish most certainly feel pain. They also experience stress just like mammals do.

Which is the most popular pet fish in the US?

Tropical fish are the most popular pet fish in the US. They're also one of the most popular pets, in general.

Do pet fish suffer from malnutrition?

Pet fish, unfortunately, suffer from malnutrition in our homes. In fact, 95% of tropical fish mortality comes from improper nutrition. Feed your fish!

Which are there more of?

There are more saltwater fish, but not by much. 60% of the fish on earth are saltwater fish, and 40% are freshwater fish. But it's pretty amazing when you think that only .01% of the water on earth is freshwater!

Can sharks float?

Sharks are actually not able to float. They have to keep moving. This is because they lack an air bladder to help keep them afloat.

Can fish fly?

Yes, there are flying fish. Not only can some fly, but some can also skip along the surface of the water.

Most fish reproduce by ______ ?

Fish lay eggs.This is known as fish roe. Sharks, on the other hand, actually have babies. They're called pups!

Are starfish actually fish?

Starfish are actually not fish. Neither are jellyfish. They're actually plankton.

Where will you find fish scales?

Funny enough, they use fish scales in lipstick. Most brands contain it, unless you use a vegan brand.

Is the blue whale a fish?

The blue whale is actually a mammal. It is the largest mammal that has ever existed on the planet.

What is the largest fish in the world?

The great whale shark, not to be confused with the great white shark, is the largest fish in the world. It can reach 50 feet in length.

Fish can navigate in dark waters thanks to ______.

Fish have a special organ that helps them to navigate in the dark. The organ is called the lateral line, and it works like a radar.

How small is the smallest fish on earth?

The smallest fish on earth is actually only 1/3 of an inch fully grown. This fish is known as the Philippine goby.

Fish can _____ .

Not only can fish see, touch, and taste, but they also have a good sense of smell. Fish are also able to hear.

Can fish make sounds?

Fish truly do communicate through sounds. They make low-pitched sounds that convey messages. For example, they're able to moan, grunt, croak and hiss.

Fish form groups called _____ .

Fish form groups called schools. Schools can contain millions of fish. They use their eyes and their lateral lines to hold their place in the school.

Many fish have tastebuds _____ .

Many fish have tastebuds all over their bodies. Talk about a taste of the sea!

Does pollution affect fish?

Pollution most certainly affects fish. In fact, it's said that 1/3 of male fish in British waters are actually changing their sex due to water pollution.

Can fish see color?

Fish can definitely see in color. They even use colors to camouflage themselves. That's why they come in a variety of colors.

Can fish drown?

Fish can actually drown in water. Like us, they need oxygen to live, so if there isn't enough oxygen in the water they will drown.

Which fish control the school?

The fish at the center of the school are actually the ones that control the movement of the whole. The fish on the outside are guided by those in the middle.

Can fish swim backward?

Fish are really not able to swim backward. The only ones that are able to do it are those in the eel family.

Are fish poisonous?

Fish can be highly poisonous. The most poisonous fish in the world is the stone fish. Its sting is capable of causing death.

"Piranha" means _____ .

The word "piranha" means scissors. It is a Brazilian fish that has razor-sharp teeth.

The fastest fish can move as quickly as a ______ .

The fastest fish in the world can move as quickly as a car on the expressway. The fish is called a sailfish.

Seahorses swim _____ .

Seahorses are capable of swimming upright. In fact, they're the only fish in the world that can do so.

Do all fish have scales?

Not all fish have their iconic scales. Sharks have a rough outer skin. It is sandpapery to the touch.

Who enjoys toxic fish?

The Japanese are known for their fish eating, and they love eating toxic fish as well. The fugu puffer fish is deadly, but not if you prepare it the right way.

Most tropical fish in the US are _____ .

Most tropical fish in the US are actually harvested in other countries. Many of them come from Africa, Asia and South America.

What is the longest life recorded for any fish?

The best recorded longevity of any fish was 65 years. It was an Australian lungfish that reached its ripe old age in 2003.

A fish's jaw is ______ .

A fish's jaw is not attached to its skull. That's why fish can shoot their mouthes forward to catch their prey.

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