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Disc golf is one of the fastest growing sports in the United States. It's often free to play, and just as important, it's a fun way to spend time outdoors. How much do you know about disc golf?

Disc golf is like traditional golf but it uses ____ instead of round balls.

Disc golf is a lot like traditional golf. But instead of clubs and balls, players use their own hands and arms to throw discs towards their targets.


Disc golfers throw discs to which sort of target?

The objective of the game is to throw discs into large metal baskets. The baskets have dangling chains meant to slow down and ensnare accurately thrown discs.


What's the objective of a round of disc golf?

As with traditional golf, the idea is to complete the round with as few throws as possible. The best disc golfers can complete a course "under par."


True or false, disc golf is a contact sport?

OK, it would be hilarious to see disc golfers performing violent tackles. But there's no physical contact whatsoever unless you're hugging someone after an amazing throw.


What's the PDGA?

The PDGA is the Professional Disc Golf Association. It is the guiding body of pro-level disc golfing, and it sets many of the guidelines for the game.


What do players do after they "tee off"?

You pick up the disc and throw your second shot from that spot. With skill (or luck) your second shot will get you right next to the basket.


What's the fairway?

The fairway is the big open space between the tee and the hole. The fairway is typically a mowed, grassy area. If you miss the fairway, you're probably in the rough … or worse, out of bounds.


If a disc golfer completes a par 5 hole in just four throws, she made ______.

Completing a hole in one less throw than par means you've made a birdie. The best players hope to make birdie (or even better, an eagle) on each hole, meaning they'll wind up at "under par" for the entire round.


What's a "roller"?

It's not uncommon for players to purposely roll discs along the ground. "Rollers" often achieve great distance and they are less susceptible to the whims of the wind.


What happens if you throw your disc "out of bounds"?

Well, you might very well scream in frustration. But you will definitely be penalized one throw -- that's the penalty for veering off of the course and into "OB," or out-of-bounds area.


What's the "lie"?

The lie is the spot where the disc comes to rest after a throw. If you chuck your disc into the woods, it's unlikely that you'll have a favorable lie for your next shot.


Where do you take your first throw on each hole?

The tee is the place where players attempt their first throw towards the hole. That's why the first throw is referred to as "teeing off."


What's "frolf"?

"Frolf" is a nickname for disc golf. It's a mumble-mouthed combination of "frisbee" and "golf."


True or false, if an obstacle is in the way of your next throw, can you alter the obstacle to make more room for your throw?

Obstacles are part of the challenge of disc golf … and that's why you want to avoid them. If a little tree is in your way, for example, you're not allowed to bend it to make more room for your next shot.


What does it mean if you're the "away player"?

If you're the "away" player, you're the farthest from the basket. As a group of players proceeds down the fairway, the away players go first.


What is a "marker" disc used to mark?

Marker discs are small discs used to mark a lie. Most amateurs (and many pros) forego the use of a marker disc unless they're playing a very serious round.


What's a "hatchet"?

The hatchet is a specialized overhand throwing motion. It's often used by players trying to work their way around tough obstacles.


True or false, all discs are essentially the same?

Just like regular golf, there are specialized discs designed for specific purposes. Drivers are made for long-distance flight. Putters are meant for short and very accurate throws.


Most disc golf courses have how many holes?

Like regular golf, most disc golf courses are nine or 18 holes. It's not uncommon to find courses in other formats, though.


How much do new discs cost?

Discs aren't cheap -- new ones typically go for $15 or more. That's why it's a good idea to put your phone number on a disc in marker. It's considered standard etiquette to call a lost disc's rightful owner to return it if possible.


For most purposes, there are how many categories of discs?

There are three primary categories of discs. They are drivers, mid-range and putters. Serious players will carry multiple versions of each type of disc to suit specific situations and conditions.


The longest disc golf holes usually have which par?

Just like regular golf, the longest disc golf holes are usually par 5. That means a player has five throws to successfully complete the hole.


Disc golf discs are usually made from which material?

All discs are made from various types of plastics. Some are soft, some are hard and all of them have varying flight characteristics that make them suitable for specific on-course scenarios.


A "sidearm" throw is better known as ____.

A sidearm throw is a forearm throw. There are two main throwing motions in disc golf: backhand and forearm, and each player has his or her preferences to the style of throwing motion that they use during a round.


The first recorded rounds of disc golf happened in which country?

In the 1920s, the first rounds of disc golf in history happened in Canada. Back then, a group of kids simply threw garbage can lids into sand circles on a local playground.


Which type of disc has the sharpest edge?

Drivers have the thinnest edge of any disc type. The sharp edges help them cut through the air with little resistance, meaning they travel very far in the hands of a skilled thrower.


In competitive disc golf, after arriving at a thrown disc, how long does a player have to make the next throw?

Disc golf is speedier than normal golf and it's meant to be played at a faster pace. After arriving at their discs, players have just 30 seconds to make their next throw.


Many discs have a numerical rating printed on the surface. The rating refers to ______.

The shape of a disc drastically affects its stability, which is denoted by a numerical rating printed on the surface. Drivers, for example, are very thin and fly a long ways, but the tradeoff is that they are usually rather unstable. Putters, on the other hand, are extremely stable.


What does it mean if you throw a "condor"?

A condor means you threw four shots under par. If you throw a condor, you are likely a very good player.


Which sort of disc has the greatest flight stability?

Putters have a big, stable body design meant to keep them flying in a straight line. That makes them best-suited for short range throws at the end of a hole.


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