Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Civil War Combat?
How Much Do You Know About Civil War Combat?
By: Torrance Grey
Image: wikimedia

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Although romanticized in the movies, the American Civil War was a brutal war which cost the young nation more than 1 percent of her population. That's more American deaths than were incurred in World War II, which was overall a much larger and bloodier conflict (remember that in the Civil War, though, casualties on both sides were Americans). The war, which raged as far north as Pennsylvania and as far West as New Mexico, has been called the first "modern war," because of the new technologies that it developed and used. These included the telegraph and the camera, innovations in communication, and anesthesia, a novelty in medicine. But mostly, the Civil War brought advances in techniques of warfare.

Well, rather, it should be said that the Civil War was a blend of old and new combat techniques. It was the last war in which the United States would substantially use a cavalry, but also the first in which it would use repeating rifles and armored warships. A submarine was even involved: the Hunley, a hand-powered craft that sank the Union ship USS Housatonic. 

How well do you know the weapons, the battles, the leaders and the turning points of this bloody war? We've created a 35-question quiz to test your grasp of Civil War history. Good luck!

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Which state was the site of the most conflict and combat in the Civil War?
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Which of these was the site of the first Civil War battle?
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What was the primary weapon used in the Confederates' attack on Sumter?
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Which of these was a military innovation of the Civil War?
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Which of these was the number-one killer of Civil War soldiers?
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Approximately how many soldiers were killed in action in the Civil War (on both sides)?
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The combination of a blade and a musket was known as a ________.
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Which year saw the last fatality of the war?
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Which battle had the most casualties?
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In which state did the battle of Gettysburg take place?
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Which of these medical technologies did NOT make significant advances the Civil War?
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A Minie ball is a type of ______.
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What did Dr. Gurdon Buck do for injured Civil War soldiers?
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The Civil War was the last time the United States substantially used cavalry. What marks a unit as a cavalry unit?
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The one-day-long Battle of Antietam cost more than 22,000 casualties. How does that compare to losses in WWII's D-Day?
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What percentage of the US population died during the war?
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Which of these manufacturers did NOT make a weapon used in the conflict?
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How many men fought at the epic battle of Shiloh?
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True or false: Did the Confederacy have a navy?
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Which battle saw Pickett's Charge?
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Which side made considerable use of guerrilla tactics?
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Which of these, like Quantrill, led a group of Confederate raiders?
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At which battle did Gen. Jackson earn his nickname "Stonewall"?
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Which battle was known as the "Gettysburg of the West"?
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What was the minimum age for a soldier in either military?
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Which battle is the site of the "High Water Mark of the Confederacy"?
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Who would have worn and used a Mameluke sword?
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