Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Car Braking Systems?
How Much Do You Know About Car Braking Systems?
By: Steven Symes
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Discs, drums, lines, master cylinders - to many people these are mysterious words and even more mysterious in their operation. It might as well be magic that brings their car to a halt, because they don't have the slightest idea how everything works. 

Most people just press on their brake pedal without a second thought, unless there's a problem. If you've ever pressed on the brake pedal and felt zero resistance, you know how that can make you panic in a hurry. Those kinds of situations are avoidable, if you care for your brake system and maintain it properly. If you're not like the average car owner, you know when you should do what with the brakes. You also might have a thorough understanding of the different components present in modern brake systems, plus how they operate.

You might even be one of those handy sorts who does your own brakes when it's time for them to be serviced. If you are, you'll ace this!

There's also emergency brakes, brake boosters, ABS, and so many other technologies involved in braking systems for cars. It's an exciting field, for the right person.

Just how much do you really know about braking systems for cars? Test your knowledge now to find out.

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What kind of brakes do you use a brake spoon on?
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On most vehicles, what is brake dust mostly made of?
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What's one of the main reasons automakers have cited for using electronic parking brakes in newer cars?
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What are dimpled rotors typically used for, versus cross-drilled rotors?
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Which of the following is not a reason to buy new rotors instead of having them resurfaced?
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If your drum brakes have bell mouth, what must you do?
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Which of the following isn't a potential cause of pulsation when you press on the brake pedal?
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Where do hydro-boost brake boosters get their power from?
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What's one sign that your car's brake lines are worn out?
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What is the alternative to bonded brake linings?
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How do you test a car's brake fluid to ensure it's not time to change it?
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What do ABS accumulators always contain?
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About how hot can brake rotors get as you drive normally on the street?
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What's the common cause of failure for cross drilled rotors?
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As the brake pads wear down, what happens to the brake fluid level?
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Where is the venting in a ventilated rotor?
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What kind of car brakes are self-energizing?
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What kind of caliper mount design do most production vehicles have?
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A brake combination valve will fill the role of all but which of the following devices?
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The higher the DOT number for brake fluid, the higher something else is. What is it?
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What force is used to multiply the movement of the brake pedal?
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Why do some cars feature drum brakes in the rear?
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What was the original application for disc brakes?
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How do most emergency or parking brakes apply force to the rear wheels?
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