Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Cadillac?
How Much Do You Know About Cadillac?
By: Becky
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About This Quiz

Are you an auto aficionado, or do you just fancy a well-made car? Is Cadillac the only car you have owned and the only car you will ever own? Even if you do not own a Cadillac, you probably know a thing or two about the iconic luxury carmaker. If you think you know enough to ace this quiz, let's get started.

Cadillacs have been rolling off the assembly line since the turn of the 20th century. Known for its ability to create a luxury vehicle that offers status and dependability for car owners, Cadillac was actually formed from the remains of Henry Ford's car company. Ford left the company, and his partners were going to sell off the company's assets, but Henry M. Leland stepped in and suggested that they keep manufacturing cars at the facility. The rest is history, luxury history that is. Since then, Cadillac has introduced features such as climate control, airbags, electric systems, and even on-board whiskey glasses and makeup stations. Of course, some of these "luxuries" are now standard on just about every modern car built, but some (we're talking about you whiskey glasses) will remain in Cadillac history.

Are you ready to prove how much you know about Cadillac?

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In what country is the Cadillac company based?
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What kind of car does Cadillac make?
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Cadillac is a division of what major car company?
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What feature did Cadillac include on its cars that kept people from having to hand crank?
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In what year was Cadillac founded?
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Cadillac was responsible for introducing what motor to the US?
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General Motors bought Cadillac in what year?
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The 1950 Cadillac Debutante included what in its design that PETA would have protested?
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Which of the following was NOT one of Cadillac's first cars?
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Cadillac's first models, the Runabout and the Tonneau, had how much horsepower?
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Early Cadillacs weren't really known as "cars." What were they called?
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How many seats did the first Cadillacs have?
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Cadillac's 1915 V8 engine could reach top speeds of how many mph?
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Which of the following is NOT a Cadillac model?
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Cadillac introduced what type of engine in 1930?
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What Cadillac model was used as a staff car during WWI?
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What U.S. president first rode in a bulletproof Caddy?
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What new feature did Cadillac include in its vehicles after WWII?
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What visibility feature did Cadillac introduce?
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What Cadillac founder also started Lincoln?
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Which Cadillac model was the first to be designed by an actual stylist?
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Cadillac tail fins were inspired by what?
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Cadillac once had a gas cap installed under what automobile staple?
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What 1950 model included leopard fur upholstery?
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The bullet-shaped features on the front bumpers of mid-century Caddys were actually named after what?
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What safety feature was Cadillac the first to include in its cars?
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What US gangster favored Cadillacs?
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What 1934 innovation made manufacturing the Cadillac faster?
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What military vehicle did Cadillac supply during the Korean and Vietnam wars?
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What Cadillac model included magnetic whiskey​ glasses?
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What were car tops made of before Cadillac introduced the turret top?
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For what nighttime safety feature is Cadillac famous?
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Which of the following car models is NOT a Cadillac?
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