Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Buddhism?
How Much Do You Know About Buddhism?
By: Annette
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About This Quiz

Everything will be illuminated after you take this quiz. Clear your mind, focus on your breathing, embrace the peaceful being within you, and then kick some butt with this Buddhist trivia! With millions of followers and various philosophies and scriptures, Buddhism is one of the most diverse, welcoming and fascinating religions in the world. We all want more mindfulness in our lives, more peace and serenity, and Buddhism offers its followers just that. Looking for a little release from suffering? Buddhism is all about suffering! Well, not in a bad way. Rather, it seeks to help its followers understand their suffering and the earthy way to free themselves from it. 

According to Buddhism, you don't have to wait for heaven. You can experience it here on earth! Yay! Or... you might have to wait a few lives. But either way, we're about to explore one of the most ancient and treasured religions in our society. What you need to understand first is that Buddhism is a religion that is always changing. The Dalai Lama himself said that if science proves an aspect of Buddhism wrong, then Buddhism will change. Talk about having an open mind! Did you know that Steve Jobs was a Buddhist? In fact, he followed Zen Buddhism, which focuses on meditation to calm and quiet the mind to hear the truth. 

So, there you have it. If you conquer this quiz, you're the next Steve Jobs. Shoddy reasoning, but just go with it. 

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