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If the prime minister is the head, then the queen is the neck. The PM plays as important a role in British history as the monarchy. In this quiz, we're going​ to test your knowledge of the best... and some of the worst. Cozy up with a cup of tea.

In what year did the first PM serve Great Britain?

The first Prime Minister to lead Great Britain was Sir Robert Walpole, and he was in power from 1721 to 1742. He's the longest-serving PM in British history.

When did Winston Churchill first become PM?

Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churcill became Prime Minister of Britain in 1940. He served from 1940 to 1945, then again from 1951 to 1955.

Who said, "Keep calm and carry on"?

Aside from being a politician, Winston Churchill was a great writer. He left us with a number of memorable quotes.

Which PM was famous for leading the Labour Party?

Clement Attlee was famous for being a leader of the Labour Party. He was PM from 1945-1951 and as leader of the Labour Party from 1935-1955.

Who was the only PM to be assassinated while in office?

Spencer Perceval was the only British Prime Minister to be assassinated in office. He served from 1809 to 1812.

Who was "The man who beat Napoleon"?

The Duke of Wellington beat Napoleon, then entered politics. He started as the leader of the Tory party and went on to be the PM from only 1928 to 1930.

Who signed the EU treaty?

John Major was the PM who signed the Maastricht Treaty. He was a conservative, serving from 1990 to 1997.

Who delivered the "You've never had it so good" speech?

Harold Macmillan is known for the "You've never had it so good" speech. He introduced premium bonds to the treasury and was described as a political hero.

Who was the PM and leader during WWI?

David Lloyd George was a great and respected Prime Minister. He is best known for his leadership during WWI.

Who was the longest-serving PM in the 20th century?

Margaret Thatcher was the longest-serving PM in the 20th century. She was in office from 1979 to 1990 and the leader of the Conservative Party from 1975 to 1990.

Who carried a dagger-tipped umbrella?

Arthur Wellesley, Duke of Wellington, was known for carrying a dagger-tipped umbrella. In his defense, Wellington lived during violent times.

Which PM ate four KIT KATs a day?

Gordon Brown was famous for his food habits. He ate four KIT KATs a day, and then he decided that nine bananas a day was a better idea.

Which PM had 15 children?

Charles Grey, who was the second Earl Grey, had 15 children. He gave some of his children near-identical names.

Which PM slept only four hours a night?

Poor Margaret Thatcher only slept four hours a night. You would too, if you were the first female PM.

Which Prime Minister had the shortest term?

George Canning was famous for having the shortest term as PM. He served for only four months before dying of pneumonia.

Who said, "We shall never surrender"?

Winston Churchill is famous for saying, "We shall never surrender." There are many Churchill quotes that would go well on a T-shirt.

Which PM had a landslide victory in 1997?

Tony Blair enjoyed a landslide victory in 1997. He led the British government for ten years.

Who is the current prime minister, as of 2017?

Theresa May is the current Prime Minister, as of 2017, and the second female PM. She has served since 2016.

Which of these PMs did not attend Oxford?

Although he's considered one of the greatest PMs in history, Churchill did not attend Oxford. Almost every other significant prime minister did attend.

How old was William Pitt the Younger when he became PM?

William Pitt the Younger was a very young 24 when he became British Prime Minister. He became PM in 1783.

Prime Minister was at first another name for which title?

Prime Minister was another name for the First Lord of the Treasury. It comes from the French term, premier ministre.

Who was the PM in 1914, when Britain declared war on Germany?

Herbert Asquith was the prime minister in 1914, when Britain declared war on Germany. He was a liberal prime minister who served from 1908 to 1916.

Which PM occupied the Suez Canal and then resigned?

Anthony Eden was famous for occupying the Suez Canal area in 1956, along with the French government. Shorty thereafter he resigned, due to poor health.

Which prime minister was in power when Britain left the EU?

David Cameron was PM when Britain left the EU. David Cameron resigned after Brexit.

Who was the oldest prime minister?

William Ewart Gladstone was the oldest PM in history, taking office for his fourth and final term at age 82, on August 15, 1892.

How long is a prime minister's term?

The term for a British Prime Minster is five years. They can run for reelection.

How many terms can a prime minister serve?

Unlike the American president, a British prime minister can run for as many terms as they like. In the past, some prime ministers have taken time off and then run for reelection later.

William Ewart Gladstone started as a _______, then became a ______.

William Ewart Gladstone began his political career as a Tory, and then became a leader of the Liberals. People don't make changes like that these days!

Who was the first Labour prime minister?

James Ramsay MacDonald was the first Labour prime minister. He was eventually expelled from the party that he helped to found.

Who is a famous reformer from 1820-1850?

Sir Robert Peel is a famous reformer, first as Home Secretary and then as PM. He was a statesman of the Conservative Party.

Of which party was Winston Churchill?

Winston Churchill was a famous member of the Conservative party. Most regard him as the most famous PM in history.

Of which party was Tony Blair?

Tony Blair was a member of the Labour party. He served from 1997 to 2007.

Of which party was Clement Attlee?

Clement Attlee was one of the most famous Labour Party prime ministers. His leadership remains controversial.

Who was the greatest post-war PM, according to MPs, as reported in the 2013 Royal Holloway study?

The 2013 survey stated that MPs ranked Margaret Thatcher as the most successful post-war Prime Minister. Clement Attlee was #2.

Has Margaret Thatcher been successful in popular opinion polls?

Not only have political researchers found her to be successful, but public opinion has been equally favorable. She ranks in the top three of most lists.

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