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The science of plants is amazing in its complexity - and its simplicity as well! In this quiz, we'll discover some obvious and not so obvious facts about the plants that surround us on this beautiful planet! When you're done, you'll be inspired to start a garden, plants a tree or just stare at nature in a daze.

Which of these is in the rose family of plants?

All of these plants are in the rose family! The list also includes cherries and peaches. Yum!

Where was the first botanical garden?

The first botanical garden was created in Padua, Italy, in 1545. It was surrounded by a ring of water.

What do you call the study of cultivated plants?

The study of cultivated plants is known as horticulture. Heard the word before? We're exploring horticulture right now!

What is the world's tallest kind of tree?

The coastal redwood is the world's tallest tree! It grows on the Pacific Coast in California. It's also known as Sequoia sempervirens.

Why do cranberries float?

Cranberries have air pockets inside, and that's why they float! Have you ever waded in a cranberry bog? Try it.

What does the word "iris" mean in Greek?

Iris means rainbow in Greek. Iris was the goddess of sea and sky - and rainbows. Iris flowers are named after a rainbow because they come in a rainbow of colors!

Where did the first type of aspirin come from?

Aspirin and other pain reducers came from the bark of the willow tree. I always knew trees could heal our pain.

What percentage of Earth's plant life can be found in oceans?

A whopping 85% of Earth's plant life can be found in oceans! That means that there's so much more to explore than what we find on land.

What's the fastest-growing woody plant?

Bamboo is the fastest-growing woody plant on the planet. It can actually grow 35 inches in one day. That's a growth spurt!

Caffeine comes from what part of the coffee plant?​

Caffeine is actually the natural pesticide of the coffee plant. It's meant to ward creatures off, but it just pulls us in like a drug!

Which of these is a vegetable?

Rhubarb is a vegetable because it doesn't contain seeds! Avocados and pumpkin are technically fruits because they do contain seeds.

When you make a notch in a tree, what happens?

A notch in the tree stays the same height, even as the tree grows! Pretty amazing that a tree can do that!

What do you call the study of algae?

The study of algae is phycology - not to be confused with psychology! I suppose you could combine the two and study the algae's thoughts.

When did the tomato become popular for consumption in the States?

Tomatoes became popular in the U.S., thanks to A. W. Livingston of Reynoldsburg, Ohio. That's why tomato juice is the state beverage of Ohio!

Where does vanilla flavoring come from?

Vanilla flavoring actually comes from an orchid. Fertilized flowers produce pods, which must then be dried.

What are peanuts?

Peanuts are actually legumes. They're similar to lentils and beans. They're packed with protein and natural fat!

Where does 20% of our oxygen come from?

One fifth of our oxygen comes from the Amazon rainforest! That means it's a big problem that they're tearing it down. . .

How much of cabbage is water?

Cabbage is 91% water! Brings a whole new meaning to Cabbage Soup Diet.

Where does a strawberry keep its seeds?

A strawberry actually has its seeds on the outside! It's the only fruit of this kind, and each one has about 200 seeds.

What's the name of the world's smallest tree?

The dwarf willow is the world's smallest tree. It's only about 2 inches tall, and it can be found in Greenland. Worth the trip!

Which of these tastes different from the rest?

They actually taste the same! What to try it? Pinch your nose and do a taste test.

What do onions emit when you chop them?

Onions emit a gas that causes our eyes to tear up. This gas is a serious irritant, but onions still taste good!

What do you call a cluster of bananas?

A cluster of bananas is called a hand. A single banana is a finger! That's true in the banana industry, anyway.

What is biologically true about bananas?

There's actually a natural chemical in bananas that makes you happy! Give it a try. Eat a banana right now. . .

What is true about trees?

Trees actually cool down the air! This happens when they evaporate water in their leaves. Global warming, anyone?

What is the study of forest management?

Forestry is the study of the management of forests. We don't mean like office management, we mean understanding how forests thrive and how to preserve​ them!

Grapes were grown for wine by which ancient culture?

Mesopotamians, who lived in modern day Iraq, grew grapes for wine some 8,000 years ago! Of course, Egyptians did it too, 5,000 years ago.

Where did Poinsettias come from?

Poinsettias were brought from Mexico in 1825. The minister to Mexico, Joel Poinsett, was the one that brought them here. Thanks, Joel!

How old is the gingko tree species?

Gingko is one of the oldest living tree species. Scientists think it's 250 million years old. Holy Toledo.

Which of these is a sedative?

Onions acts as a sedative. Did you know that? When you eat lots of onions, you get sleepy. Be careful of onion soup. . .

Which of these is a fruit?

All of these are technically fruits, because they have seeds! Talk about a whole new kind of fruit salad.

What is the most widely used vegetable?

Onions are the most widely used vegetable in the world! That makes sense, because they're mighty good for you and they're aromatic.

Which culinary vegetable is grown in the largest quantity in the world?

Tomatoes and potatoes are grown in the largest quantities in the world. Thank goodness they're so delicious too!

How do you know how old a tree is?

You can tell how old a tree is by counting its rings, which represent years of wood growth. Botanists can get amazing information by studying these rings, as well.

Why are petals colorful?

Petals are colorful to attract bugs. They also attract birds! This helps with pollination, so the plant can spread its seeds.

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