Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Ancient Mythology?
How Much Do You Know About Ancient Mythology?
By: Annette
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About This Quiz

Ancient mythology follows the lives of the gods and goddesses who looked out over the world of humans, often creating obstacles and hardships for those who praised them and their enemies. 

Whether Egyptian, Roman, Greek, Norse or anywhere else in the world, mythology may have actually been based on real histories whose lives were later blown into epic stories. Mythology tries to answer the curiosities of the world, nature and why people behave. They attempted to explain existence and death. To those who told the stories, it was the meaning of mythological stories that took precedent over the facts and details of a story. 

Like many people, you will see the similarities between Ancient Roman and Ancient Greek mythology, and for a good reason - they were adopted from each other, which were also adopted from Egyptian mythology. But, can you figure out this convoluted mess? Do you know who the Roman deity for Zeuss was? You do? Okay, how about the Roman form of Aphrodite? Do you know what Poseidon always had at his side or what famous island civilization he sank?

It's time for you to turn the table son the Gods by answering the questions into their lives, creation, and stories. Take this quiz... that is unless you are afraid to be taken down by a bolt of lightning.

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