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What's fact and what's fiction when it comes to aphrodisiacs? Take this quiz and find out! Though there is no scientific evidence that they exist, people have believed in the effects of aphrodisiacs for centuries.

Almonds have been thought to be aphrodisiacs throughout history because:

The correct answer is C – both A and B. Historically almonds have been considered a symbol of fertility because of their shape and the famous writer Alexandre Dumas once wrote that they arouse passion in females. Sounds like Dumas might have been quite the ladies’ man.


Asparagus is considered to be an aphrodisiac because:

The correct answer is C – because it is high in folic acid which promotes histamine production. Histamines, chemicals produced by your cells, are necessary for both males and females to reach orgasm, and therefore is considered to be a sexual stimulant. All the more reason to eat those greens.


Bananas are:

The correct answer is C – bananas contain vitamins, minerals and the enzyme bromelain, all of which are said to enhance the male libido.


For both men and women, sex is largely controlled by:

The correct answer is C – scientifically men and women are both controlled by hormones when they become sexually excited. The interesting fact here is that both men and women react to boosts of testosterone, the male reproductive hormone.


An anaphrodisiac is:

The correct answer is A – an anaphrodisiac have the opposite effect of an aphrodisiac. For example, certain drugs, like opiods, can be anaphrodisiacs. They make an individual less likely to want to have sex. Symptoms of stress, fatigue and depression can also have this negative effect on sexual drive.


What do oysters and chocolate have in common?

The correct answer is D – both A and C. Chocolate and oysters are two of the most commonly accepted aphrodisiacs. Part of what gives these foods this reputation is their release of certain “happy chemicals,” dopamine and serotonin, which both make people feel a sense of happiness -- thus more likely to want to partake in sexual intercourse.


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