How Much of an Engine Expert Are You?

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How much of a Hot Rod are you when it comes to engines? Do you think you have what it takes to run with the best of them? Best get "inline" and see if you have what it takes to be a real engine expert!

A car engine is what type of combustion engine?

Nikolaus Otto invented the four-stroke combustion cycle in what year?

The stroke that lets in air and gasoline is the _____ stroke.

The stroke that makes the explosion more powerful is the ______ stroke.

During the combustion stroke the ____________ ignites the gasoline.

The _________ connects the piston to the crankshaft.

During the exhaust stroke the exhaust leaves the engine and goes out the __________ .

The ___________ is the part of the engine that changes the linear motion of the piston into rotational motion.

The piston moves up and down inside of the _________ .

The three most common arrangement of cylinders in an engine are inline, V, and _______ .

The _______ arrangement of cylinders has all of the cylinders in a line in a single bank.

The spark plug _________ the air and fuel.

What moves up and down inside the cylinder?

Engines using overhead cams have their camshaft located _______ the valves.

A timing belt or timing chain links the ______ and the ________ so valves and pistons stay in sync.

A camshaft turns at ______ the rate of the crankshaft.

The spark plug needs a _________________ from the ignition system to work.

Air-cooled engines are typically lighter but run _______ than liquid-cooled engines.

Most cars use an air circulation technique known as ______________ .

Turbocharged and supercharged engines first do what to the air before mixing it with fuel?

The pressurization amount used in turbocharging and supercharging engines is called:

What spins the engine a few revolutions so the combustion process can start?

The fuel system of an engine takes gas from a gas tank and mixes it with what?

The device that mixes gas into air as the air flows into the engine is called the ________ .

The exhaust pipe and the muffler are part of what system?

The liquid used in the engine’s lubrication system is _______ .

The purpose of a catalytic converter is to:

The battery in most cars used to start the motor which in turn starts the engine is typically what kind?

Using bigger cylinders or more cylinders increases displacement which results in:

Cooling the air entering the cylinders in some supercharged and turbocharged engines is done by the:

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