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Oh, the thrill of speed! If you're a motorcycle fan, then you know that nothing will get in the way of you and a good ride. In this quiz we're going to test your knowledge of the basic and not-so-basic facts of motorcycling​ and its history. So, buckle up - or rather, put on a helmet - and let's go for a ride!

Today, bikes are constructed by all of these methods EXCEPT _____________?

So far, bikes are not constructed telepathically, but that would be pretty cool.

An inventor from what country is credited with coining the word "motorcycle​"?

British inventor Edward Butler came up with the word. We thank him for it.

What does a kill switch do?

If your bike won't start, check the kill switch. On the other hand, if you crash or tip over, hit the kill switch to kill the engine.

What is the most famous motorcycle movie ever made?

No question. If you've never seen this film, then you are not a motorcycle rider. Truly.

In motorcycle terminology, what does R mean?

Race Replica it is. But shouldn't it be RR?

The word "vespa" means what in Italian?

Vespa means "wasp." It makes sense, when you see those little suckers buzzing around Italy!

What is countersteering?

If you want to turn left, turn the handlebars to the right, then lean to the left and make a left turn. Are you surprised?

Motorcycles took the role of what in WWI?

Motorcycles, in some cases, actually took the place of horses in WWI. That's pretty friggin' awesome.

What bike did Marlon Brando ride in "The Wild One"?

Classic bike. Classic movie. Everyone wants to be Marlon Brando. Except in his later years...

Of course they make motorcycles, but which of these does Yamaha NOT produce?

Yamaha makes a great bike. But they also make practically everything else!

The gearshift lever was invented in what year?

Invented by Harold Willis, this replaced the antiquated foot clutch and hand lever system.

Which of these is NOT a major cause of motorcycle accidents on the road?

Although riding drunk on a bike would be a serious problem, it's not a major cause of motorcycle accidents, because it rarely happens. People aren't THAT stupid.

Along with motorcycles, what does the brand Triumph also make?

Triumph also makes golf balls! Hopefully, the balls are just as fast as the bikes!

Which company made the first successful motorcyle in 1901?

The Indian motorcycle was made in Springfield, Massachusetts. Did you know that motorcycles were a piece of Americana?

What country did motocross come from?

Thank the British for motocross! It's an incredibly demanding sport, and riders drink tea before competing. J/k.

Where is the throttle?

The throttle, located on the right handlebar grip, controls speed. Don't get it confused!

When a bike is being manufactured, what step of the process​ takes place first?

A bike is born with welding. The frame is assembled, and the magic takes place after that.

What is injection molding?

This process creates the plastic body trim parts of the bike.

Which of these is NOT a motorcycle part?

Motorcycles don't have a rear bumper. Those are for cars. Well, okay, there is such a thing as a rear fender bumper, but that's different.

What did the first Harley use for a carburator?

It used a tomato can. But it should have used a beer can, right?

Which of these was NOT a motorcycle manufacturer at one time or another?

Wow. That's kind of scary.

When taking a corner, how much of the grip comes from the front tire?

Wow. Say a prayer for that front tire! It's doing a lot of work - both lateral grip and direction control.

Ducati got its start making what product?

This was before WWII. They went on to become a tremendous motorcycle manufacturer!

The Suzuki Hayabusa is named after what?

This tremendous bike is name after a fighter plane, and the peregrine falcon.

Which was the first company to advertise motorcyle speeds of over 100 mph?

This was in 1927! Did cars even go that fast then?

How did Michio Suzuki get his start?

These looms led the way to making not only superior motorcycles but also a number of other amazing motorized and electronic products.

Which of these does Yamaha NOT make?

But shouldn't they, though? I mean, that would be some serious ice cream!

How many episodes of "Street Hawk" were there?

Only 13! The injustice... The show aired in 1985 on ABC.

Some polycarbonate helmets are made from what?

Talk about recycling! But at least they keep your head protected.

On a motorcycle, which brake is most important?

The front and rear brake are usually used in tandem, but the front brake has the most stopping power. Don't just use the rear brake.

Which of these is true about front tires, as compared to rear tires?

Front tires actually disperse water about three times faster. That seems like a good thing.

Cucciolo, the name of the first Ducati, means what?

Such a cute name for such a speedy piece of equipment. Leave it to the Italians.

Steve McQueen's motorcycle from the final scene of "The Great Escape" was also used by who?

Can you believe it? That bike was ridden by The Fonz!

What is the most stolen motorcycle?

People assume it's Harley, but it's not. Honda is the most stolen.

What did HOG originally stand for?

Now it just refers to any generic large bike. But Harley did try to trademark it.

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