How Many of These Car Facts Can You Get Right?

By: Robin Tyler
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Since their invention in the late 1800s, cars have been part of our daily lives. They are an important part of our routines, taking us to and from work, to the store and back, on vacation or just out for a day trip. Imagine a world without them. It would be terrible, would it not? Our independence would simply not exist at the level it does today.

That said, cars can be dangerous, especially when we or others drive recklessly. So let's test your knowledge about a range of car facts, ranging from accident figures, safety devices, world records, top speeds and the like. 

For instance, do you know the world record for the most people in a Smart car? Or whose limousine did President Franklin Roosevelt 'borrow' in 1941. What about the number of people injured in car accidents around the world, or more tragically, the number of people killed in accidents each year? And when it comes to your safety, how long does it take for an airbag to deploy or what should your car horn only be used for?

These are just some of the interesting facts you will discover in our Car Facts Quiz.

Do you think you can ace it?

Yes, you should only honk your horn in an emergency. It is not to be used to say hello to your friends!

Al Capone's limousine, a Cadillac, had been impounded in after the gangster's arrest. It was used in 1941 for President Roosevelt after the US declared war on Japan.

Yes, only close to a fifth of all American drivers can drive a manual gearbox car.

Yes, when car radios were first introduced, a number of lawmakers across many states in the US wanted them banned, saying that they would distract the driver.

It would have to be a German brand, would it not? Mercedes flatly refused to give the future Fuhrer any funds, however.

A sad story indeed. "Cars" was a massive hit for Pixar and who can ever forget Lightning McQueen.

A sad story indeed.

That's pretty low, isn't it? Be careful out there, please.

That's an incredibly high number. It just shows you how quickly accidents happen. Stay safe out there while driving and always remain vigilant.

The population of the City of Angels certainly likes their cars. It might have something to do with high-paid Hollywood actors, don't you think?

Incredibly, 80% of modern cars are now recyclable. That's pretty awesome!

When we are younger, we are certainly more reckless. That might be the reason for figures like this.

Yes, that smell is thanks to the organic components found throughout the new car. 50 of them, in fact.

Really? Yes, really! Better keep your car clean if you live in Russia.

Yes, texting and driving is a killer. Don't do it!

Yes, it didn't take long for authorities to try to control the speed of vehicles. The first ticket was issued for a driver traveling at 8 mph in 2 mph zone. Who knows how they measured his speed back in those days.

Most of the cars made in the world today are put together from 30,000 parts. It's like a big puzzle.

Over 1,25 million people are killed on roads around the world as a result of accidents.

That's seriously quick. But it needs to be to protect you in an accident.

Yes, the inventor of the cruise control, Ralph Teetor, was indeed blind. He also invented invented early versions of the powered lawn mower.

Yes, a staggering 165,000 vehicles are built each day in the world. So over 20 working days - a month - that totals up to over 3.2 million! Incredible.

Yes, soybeans formed part of Ford's experimentation in the 1940s. In 2011, Ford announced that soybeans would be used in the manufacture of the seats on their Explorer model.

Horse-drawn carriages were the prominent form of transport when cars were first invented. And horses poop, which generally meant a massive mess. Cars didn't do this so were seen as a cleaner alternative.

Simply incredible. Well we know that Rolls-Royce models are incredibly well built but you would agree, 75% is a sensational number.

Yes, the moon certainly is not that far away ... if a car could travel in space and you could sit for 6 months without a gas station break.

Although they own a number of prestigious car brands, Ferrari is not one of them.

In countries like England, people drive on the left-hand side of the road. There are others as well, and left-hand drivers make up 35% of the world's driving population.

Simple incredible! Yes, Irvin Gordon has driven his 1966 Volvo 1800S over 3 million miles! He has been driving the car for over 60 years.

Electric motors are very quiet, sometimes often silent. For that reason, they must be made audible enough for pedestrians to be able to hear an electric car as well as see it.

Yes, Nevada issued the first licenses for self-driving cars as far back as 2012.

Not very fast, but hey, the car had just been invented! Racing cars do go a lot faster now, though!

Yes, 19! This world record was achieved by a group of students in Pakistan.

That's a staggering figure but great for the environment. Now if only other countries could catch on!

Yes, as much as 95% of a car's lifetime is spent not moving.

Unbelievable, Lexus still had cassette decks in the SC430 until 2010.

A staggering 50 million people are injured in road accidents each year. Stay safe while driving, please!

Yes, believe it or not, the first car accident occurred at the dawn of motoring.

Yes, 1 billion cars, that's almost a car for every eight people on the planet! No wonder cars have contributed so significantly to the greenhouse effect.

38 hours! That's about 38 hours too much. We hate traffic but it's a fact of modern life...

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