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When you're ready to serve your country, they put you through the ringer first. This ASVAB quiz is going to get your mind working, to see if you have the mental mettle that it takes to be one of the military's finest.

How did you do at science in high school?

You don't have to be a science wiz, but you do need to know a thing or two to pass the ASVAB. You'll be tested in life science and physical science.

What is NaCl?

NaCl is sodium chloride, more commonly known as salt. Knowing the chemical names and properties of common substances is a must.

If you have two quarts of water in a gallon container, how full is it?

If you have two quarts of liquid in a gallon container, then it's 1/2 full. One gallon equals 4 quarts of liquid.

To observe is to _______.

To observe something is to watch it. Knowing the basic meaning of words is important for the ASVAB.

If x + y = 5, and x = 3, then y = ___.

If x + y = 5, and x = 3, then y = 2. That would mean that 3 + 2 = 5, which is correct.

Jennifer had an injury and was discharged from the military. She was sad to leave, but she was given a medal for her bravery. Which of the following is true?

From the small paragraph, you can see that Jennifer was honorably discharged from the military, due to her injury. Basic paragraph comprehension is essential for the ASVAB.

In a four-cylinder engine, how many pistons are there?

In a four-cylinder engine, there are four pistons. In an internal combustion engine, there is one piston per cylinder.

What does it mean to be naive?

To be naive is to be ignorant. People often associate the word with someone who doesn't choose to be ignorant, but is by circumstances.

A rotor in a generator moves within ______ .

The rotor in a generator moves within a magnetic field. The field is created by magnets.

The coolant in a car flows through the ______.

The coolant in a vehicle flows through the engine block, cooling the engine. Heat from the engine is then carried up to the radiator.

The corkscrew used to open a bottle of wine is an example of a simple _____.

The corkscrew used to open a bottle of wine is an example of a simple screw and lever system. Force is maximized as the lever is pulled up and away from the bottle.

Which of these is largest?

1/2 is larger than the other examples. 2/8 can simply be reduced down to 1/4.

Cindy has a dozen eggs and drops two on the floor. She decides she doesn't have enough, so she buys one more dozen and drops one on the floor. How many eggs does Cindy have?

Cindy has 12 eggs and drops two. She buys 12 more eggs and drops one. 10 + 11 = 21.

When a plate breaks apart, how good are you at piecing it back together?

Being able to see pieces of an object and arrange them into a whole is key for the ASVAB. Spacial awareness is tested.

Water is a _______.

Water is liquid, of course. But water can also turn into a solid or a gas. It's a rather versatile substance.

10 men are needed to run 5 machines. How many men are needed to run 10 machines?

If 10 men are needed to run 5 machines, that means that 2 men are needed per machine. So, if there are 10 machines, that is 20 men.

Large most nearly means _____ .

Word association is quite important for the ASVAB. The word that is closest to associating with "large" is "costly."

My finances are variable. What does "variable" mean?

When things are variable, they're shifting or changing. Variable finances are not quite steady.

A chisel is used for ______.

A chisel is used for cutting. Most often, it's used to cut or shape wood, stone, metal or other hard materials.

If 50% of y = 33, then y = ___.

If 50% of y = 33, then 100% of y = 66. Just double everything. This is a simple multiplication problem.

Gear D is half the size of Gear C. When Gear C makes one revolution, Gear D makes how many revolutions?

When Gear C makes one revolution, Gear D makes two. That's because it's half the size and can turn twice as fast.

In electronics, what does AC stand for?

In terms of electronics, AC stands for alternating current. General knowledge of electronics is key for this test.

Collusion is _____.

Collusion is a secret agreement between two or more parties. Collusion is associated with illegal or harmful acts.

"Foible" most closely means _____.

The word "foible" is most associated with "shortcoming" on this list. A foible is a minor weakness or eccentricity.

When something is "repugnant," it is _____.

When something is repugnant, you can say that it is revolting. The behavior of a terrorist might be described as repugnant.

When something is "malleable," it is _______.

When something is malleable, it's said to be flexible. A person who can be influenced is also malleaable.

True or false: All mammals are vertebrates.

It's true that all mammals are vertebrates, because they all have a backbone. Basic knowledge of life science is necessary for the ASVAB.

Plants create food through a process called _________.

Plants create food through a process called photosynthesis. In the process, they take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen.

The periodic table displays ______.

The periodic table displays the chemical elements of the world. These are ranked by atomic number.

The scale used to measure acidity and alkalinity is the ______.

The pH scale is used to measure the acidity and alkalinity of substances. The Richter scale measures earthquakes.

As a chemical element, C stands for what?

As a chemical element, C stands for carbon. The atomic number of carbon is 6.

A rainbow is created by _____ of light.

The rainbow is created by refraction, or bending, of light. The colors of a rainbow are always in the same specific order.

The stars in the Big Dipper are part of ______.

The stars in the Big Dipper are part of the Great Bear constellation. The Big Dipper itself is not a constellation.

A dormant volcano ________.

A dormant volcano is active, but it can still erupt in the future. Mount Fuji is considered to be a dormant volcano.

The four blood type groups are _______.

The four blood type groups are A, B, AB and O. The universal red cell donor is type O negative.

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