How Many of the World's Ugliest Cars Can You Identify?

By: Robin Tyler
Image: Wiki Commons by Kevin Abato

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Car design has certainly changed plenty over the last 130 years of the automobile, that is for sure.

As car engines became more sophisticated and pushed cars along at greater speeds, designs changed to incorporate sweeping lines and aerodynamics to help vehicles cut through the air.

But that doesn't mean that all cars produced over the years have been beautiful. No, it certainly doesn't.

We accept that this is a very subjective thing, but we have gone about identifying 40 that we believe are some of the ugliest cars ever produced.

Do you think that you would be able to identify them all?

And we have a range of cars on the list. Some are fairly obscure. They would have to be, as ugly generally means they weren't bought in great quantities and fell away into obscurity. Of course, there are exceptions to this like the Yugoslavian car brought to the United States in the early 1980s. Thousands and thousands were sold, despite the fact the car was not only ugly but not reliable either. And there are many more.

Now you may not agree with all the cars on this list, but as we said, beauty or ugliness is often in the eye of the beholder.

Good luck, let's see just how many you know.

Made in Australia, the Zeta first entered production in 1963. This lasted to 1965 with only 400 sold. This might have been on account of the fact that the Zeta not only had a silly name but was hideous to look at.

With its elongated hood and cut-off back section, the Gremlin looks a bit like a wedge of cheese. Or a door stop. One thing is for sure, it was one of the stupidest-looking cars of the 1970s.

This one's up for debate. Some people love the Prowler but we don't. Maybe if the front wheels were not exposed - they have mudguards for goodness sake - we could like it a little more.

Let's face it, the DeLorean failed for a number of reasons. Looks must have been one of them. It's not pretty and only really saved by having gullwing doors. It gets coolness points for having formed part of the 'Back to the Future' film trilogy, however. Cool can still be ugly!

This utility coupe, introduced in 1978, is not one of Subaru's finest design moments. It really looks like it was designed as a car first and then, with a few slices, a utility coupe emerged.

What a name! Pity about the abysmal shape. All pointy in the front and square at the back. That's never worked in car design and certainly doesn't here.

This massive MPV was first marketed in 2004. The good? It can carry up to 11 people. The bad? They won't want to get in it because it's so ugly! In particular, the curvy lines that form toward the rear only for it to become totally square. Horrendous! That's the only way to describe the Ssangyong Rodius.

What was Fiat thinking? This compact MPV was first released in 1998. With its odd shape, it got more notice thanks to its looks than anything else. And those weird mid-center lights? What are those all about?

Released in 1974, the Sebring-Vanguard CitiCar is ... let's try to be nice here ... interesting. This electric car was released during the oil crisis but let's be honest, it looks like a wedge of cheese.

If we're honest, a few better design elements and the Mantis XP might have been a looker. Now, however, it's not the prettiest sports car you will ever see. And that's us being nice. The front, in particular, looks like a motorbike rode straight down the middle of the hood and dented it perfectly.

This one divides opinions. Some people love it, others hate it! it certainly looks different but different isn't always good. In our book, it's not the most beautiful car we have ever seen.

A quirky three-wheeler, the Reliant Robin was made famous in the Mr. Bean TV series as well as the madcap Top Gear crew trying to launch it like a space shuttle. No matter how quirky it is, it is still ugly.

Great name! Shame about the rest of it. The Geneva is a modern car trying to pull off a retro feel. That always ends in tears, although from the side, it's not too bad. From the front, however, it's hideous.

Before the Volvo 240 became fairly cool, it was hideous. The wagon version in particular look like a rectangle. Not very aerodynamic at all! What were the designers at Volvo thinking?

Microcars are fun, normally. The Bond Bug is just terrible to look at. First produced in 1974, the Bug looks like something you might want to squish with your shoe. And its just about small enough to do so.

Released to the American public in 2001, the Aztek from Pontiac wasn't a pretty looking car, especially the sloping rear section. It didn't sell well either. "Breaking Bad," the acclaimed TV series, made the Aztek just a little more famous, however.

The 1999 version of the Ford Taurus wasn't particularly pleasant on the eye. With its droopy headlights, it just looked sad. Very, very sad. One almost expected it to start crying. And from the back, it was just as ugly with that strange oval rear window.

Dubbed 'The Thing,' the 181 was an interesting vehicle from Volkswagen. It looked like a military vehicle from World War II, not necessarily a good thing. And that slant of the hood just didn't fit in with the overall design.

It's a cube, on wheels. No more words necessary. No, we won't let it stand there. Just what was Nissan thinking when it released the Cube? And to those who bought one? Why? Why would you buy a car that looks like it belongs in a Tetris game?

Not many people will remember the Pacer had it not been for its starring role in the slacker comedy and cult classic, "Wayne's World." This was one fairly unremarkable but ugly car.

Rubbish looks, rubbish reliability. That about sums about the Yugo. Strangely, over 140,000 were sold in the United States in the 1980s. I'm pretty sure most had buyer's remorse.

Now this car has some cool about it thanks to the fact that it is powered by hydrogen. And from the back it looks ... OK. From the front, however, it's not a great piece of design. We think they were going for a futuristic look, but the world isn't ready yet.

Another city car, another ugly car. The X-90 looks like someone took a full-sized car and squashed it from both sides. These cars should be cute, not hideous!!

The Smart ForTwo has been around for a few decades. And when it comes to subcompact cars, it's prettier than most. It still looks like a bug you want to squash, though. And it's made from plastic. That's not very safe, is it?

Another vehicle famous from a movie (it appeared in Austin Powers: Goldmember), the Corbin Sparrow looks like a banana that has had one end cut off (especially when painted yellow). Quirky ... yes. Beautiful ... no!

Oh Porsche, what were you thinking? We get you wanted a four-door executive sports car but did it have to be so ugly? It doesn't even really look like a Porsche.

French car manufacturer Citroen has made a few interesting-looking cars over the years. The Ami is perhaps the ugliest one to date, though. And it wasn't just one version. All of them were fairly hideous.

Just look at this vehicle. This is the Mitsuoka Nouera, which is produced in Japan, incidentally. That grill is hideous and certainly doesn't fit in with all of those lights. We will pass on this one, thanks.

Even Bugatti get it wrong. Look at it from the rear and the Exner is not too bad-looking. But what did they do to the front? That grill is just hideous and why are the headlights tucked so far back?

Open-top cars such as the Jetstream SC250 can be a hit or miss affair. Often, it's their performance that sees them walk off the sales floor. No amount of performance could help the SC250 though. And what's up with that incredible angle on the windscreen?

British car companies have always built some excellent sports cars. Not even the fact that it was a convertible could save the ugliness of the SV-8, however. The fact that the body panels didn't seem to fit correctly either, didn't help.

City cars can be fairly bland, but the Tico looks like a lump of margarine left in the fridge. And all those windows? Not great if you need your privacy.

Certainly not a master or an ace, this van certainly wasn't bought for its looks. That said, it was fairly practical. And yes, you could see why someone might want one. But not for its looks.

Another car from a communist country, another lesson in how not to design a vehicle. The Tatra was built in Czechoslovakia between 1956 and 1975. We're not quite sure how to describe the design at all on this one. Let's go with scarab-like ...

Gull-wing doors ... pretty cool! Shaped like a doorstop ... not so much! The Bricklin SV-1 was only produced for two years from 1974 to 1975. In other words, it was a total failure.

Square and angular - for us the third generation Buick Skylark looks like a squarangle! Not only ugly, it's just boring. Buick, you should be ashamed of yourself having that monstrosity as part of the Skylark brand.

How pointy is the M70? That said, it looks like the front, middle and rear sections are all designed by different people. Not a good thing when it comes to car design!

A Lambo among the world's ugliest cars? Yes. Look at it. It seems to have been designed by a 12-year old. It has more pointy bits than a triangle.

Named after a beautiful French palace, the Lincoln Versailles is certainly not easy on the eye. And its that half moon on the backend really puts it over the top. Well that, and most of the rest of it as well.

The Davis D-2 Divan is a three-wheeler from the late 1940s that looks like a pointy shoe, not a car. Or roller skates for giants! It was only built for a period of three years and wasn't that successful.

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