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We've got the scoop on some of the best beaches the world has to offer. The most famous beaches span the globe and are treasured by all who visit them. Cleanliness, unique attractions and water quality are some of the best causes of their celebration. Prove that you're aware of the seaside hype by identifying as many beaches as you can from the photos we present!

Europe, the United States, the Caribbean, and India are repeat scenic champions for having the world's best beaches year after year. Florida's gulf locales have had the perfect beach thing figured out for many years, and Hawaii's volcanoes have long crafted some impressive seaside scenery. Speaking of volcanoes, the basalt stacks formed at Reynisfjara Beach of Iceland's south coast offer breathtaking competition.  

Many of the world's outstanding coastlines maintain wildlife preservation zones. Assateague Island on the east coast of the U.S. has maintained a group of horses that have been so genetically altered by seclusion that they are now classified as ponies. The fishermen of Nungwi beach in Zanzibar are very careful to avoid the beach's massive sea turtle population. Man-made real estate and shipwrecks commonly share seashores with sacred creatures and flora at these delightful destinations. Intense deep-sea diving adventures at a number of spots expose visitors to the ancient shipping vessel remnants that are yet to be washed ashore. 

Armed with these helpful hints, you have a good chance of naming all of the beaches in this quiz. Sail on, dive deep, score big!

Located at Fraser Island off of southeast Queensland, you'll find 75-Mile Beach. In 1935, the shipwrecked vessel Maheno washed ashore and it's been tarnishing under Australia's sun ever since.

The coral reef at Pink Sands Beach at Harbour Island in the Bahamas guards the ecosystem against the turbulent waves of the Atlantic Ocean. Located in Dunmore Town, Pink Sands is part of one of the earliest outposts of the Bahamas.

Ancient artifacts dating back to 1000 B.C. have been discovered at To'aga Site, an area found behind Ofu Beach. White sands, mountain ridges and boulders of Ofu Beach are a part of the 2,600 miles that comprise the National Park of American Samoa.

Crane Beach is a remote fixture of St. Philip parish in Barbados. Dunes and cliffs accompany the pink sandy beaches of Crane Beach, which dominates the island's southeast coastline.

The rocky Horseshoe Bay is Bermuda's best-known beach, posted 650 miles off the coastline of Cape Hatteras, North Carolina. Horseshoe's tallest rock is 60 feet high. Bermuda is a small island that spans 21 miles.

Brazil's Baia dos Porcos is well known for white grainy beaches and rock fragments that shoot up from blue waters. Baia dos Porcos is located in the Fernando Noronha volcanic archipelago.

Sixty-mile-long Tenerife is the most populous of the Canary Islands. In 1936, Francisco Franco was banished to the islands, which he used as his base to devise a scheme to topple Spain's government.

Pricey Yalong Bay is four miles of blue water and white sand that beautify the tropical island of Hainan, China's southern island. Hanian has two other beaches: Dadonghai and Sanya Bay.

Energetic waves at Natadola Beach make for good surfing. The shoreline at Natadola Beach is filled with white sands and hugs the Pacific Ocean on Fiji's main island, Viti Levu. The region boasts 35 acres of tropical flora.

Regarded as one of the best surfing destinations in all of Europe, Large Beach in Biarritz, France is a slice of the commune's rocky beaches beaten by the wild waves of the Atlantic Ocean. Biarritz is a former whaling port off of France's southwest coast.

The red-rock landscape of Red Beach at Santorini in Greece is due to natural volcanic formations, while the rock sculptures at the beach's edge are recent additions. Known as a nudist hub, Red Beach was started by a group of European bohemians in the 1960s.

The basalt sea stacks at Reynisfjara Beach were created when very hot lava from volcanic activity met the cold waters of the ocean. In addition to ink-black sand, the beach is renowned for its powerful waves.

Cas Abao Beach is a secluded Caribbean destination spot on the island of Curacao. Snorkeling is a popular activity at the beach's section of the ocean, where you'll spot abundant coral, tropical fish, sponges and other underwater wildlife.

India's Agonda Beach is a quiet beach, as few tourists venture to this remote destination. Agonda Beach is home to a sea turtle conservation center that protects the eggs of the Olive Ridley species.

Negril's seven-mile beach is the longest and one of the most attractive of Jamaica. In addition to dramatic rock cliffs and secluded seaside spots for hedonists, Negril's waters include remnants from Spanish as well and English ships that date as far back as the 15th century.

In 1607, early English settlers constructed Maine's first ship near Popham Beach. The beach community is very quiet, and its long stretch of sandy pristine shoreline tends to stay uncrowded.

Assateague Island is known for its wild horse population. Because of their short stature, the horses are classified as ponies. The animals have adapted to island conditions, including nutrient deficiencies, for hundreds of years.

The 872-acre Blue Bay Marine Park in Mauritius has 108 species of coral, 30 species of echinoderms and 233 mollusk species. Blue Bay Beach includes the blue waters of the Indian Ocean.

South Beach is a beach community in Miami that was once dubbed "God's Waiting Room" because it included a large retiree population. Views from art-deco styled buildings overlook the town's bright stretch of beach.

Sunset Beach is one of six island towns that comprise North Carolina's Brunswick Islands. Sunset Beach visitors are encouraged to submit messages about their hopes and dreams in the Kindred Spirit mailbox that Frank Nesmith, an island local, set up at the beach's west end in the 1970s.

Haystack Rock is the main draw at Oregon's Cannon Beach, which is posted at the northern end of the coast. Haystack Rock is a massive basalt stone that emerges from the beach's north end.

El Nido in the Philippines boasts unique limestone formations that decorate the beach's landscape. El Nido and surrounding islands are the most famous shipwreck diving destinations in the world.

An assortment of birds call Zonich Beach in Culebra, Puerto Rico home. Accessible by ferry or airplane, the seven-by-three-mile long island offers secluded strolls along pink sandy beaches and plenty of snorkeling sites.

Brazil's Ipanema Beach gained notoriety during the 1960s as the hype of the city's Copacabana Beach began to dim. Stretching just over a mile long, Ipanema is a favorite destination for Rio's most sophisticated visitors.

Anse Source d'Argent at La Digue in Seychelles includes massive boulders, and the region's lush greenery contrasts its bright, white sand. The waters are a crystal-clear tone of turquoise which makes it easy to see numerous tropical fish scurrying about.

Camp's Bay is a wealthy suburb of Cape Town, South Africa with fine-grained pale sand beaches that rim the coast. Pricey beachfront homes are a brief walk away from fine-dining establishments that also dot the seaboard.

If you care to witness reef sharks getting hand feed, then head over to Matira Point, Bora Bora's majestic beach commune. Matira Point lies at the southern tip of the French Polynesian island.

Limestone-rich Railay Beach in southern Thailand used to be one of the country's most popular cliff-climbing destinations until the activity was banned. Railay Beach lies at the Phra Nang Peninsula.

Grace Bay Beach is one of the main draws of Turks and Caicos. The skies at Grace Bay are filled with sun 319 days of the year, and the 12-mile-long beach is powdered with soft sand.

Some visitors claim to see the contour of a heart when viewing St. John's Trunk Bay from above. Beneath the ocean's surface, exotic fish chase deep-sea swimmers along Trunk Bay's snorkeling trail that stretches for a quarter of a mile.

Located a four-and-a-half-hour car drive away from Seattle is Shi Shi Beach, which Washington's Olympic National Park acquired in 1983. Shi Shi Beach has been named the state's most attractive ocean landscape.

Weak tides at Nungwi allow for peaceful snorkeling and swimming in the beach's clear blue waters. Nungwi is the scuba-diving mecca of Zanzibar's share of the Indian Ocean and it has an abundant sea turtle population.

Voted one of the best beaches on Earth, Whitehaven Beach at Australia's Whitsunday Island is four miles of white silica sand and blue-green water. Silica does not retain heat, which is ideal for strolling barefoot on the beach under the hot sun.

Cat Island in the Bahamas is named for the pirate Arthur Catt, who established sugar and cotton plantations there. The English arrived at the island in 1649, and set up a colony in 1717.

Propped on a barrier reef, South Water Caye features numerous deep-water sites, including wall dives and ocean drops. The South Water Caye Marine Reserve is filled with exotic creatures, such as blue tang, coral and angelfish.

Florida's Clearwater Beach is considered one of the best beaches of the United States. It one of the few places in the world to receive the Blue Wave Award for meeting high standards in cleanliness, environmental protection and water quality.

St. Tropez is a popular beach destination that punctuates the French Riviera; the area attracts 6 million visitors every year. The resort spot was featured in the 1956 Brigitte Bardot film "And God Created Woman."

Surrounded by steep cliffs on three sides, Greece's Navagio Beach is accessible by boat. The location is known for the Panagiotis, a small shipwreck that has been washed ashore since the 1980s.

Majestic olive-colored cliffs surround Hawaii's Papakolea Beach. The cove's sand is comprised of small crystals called olivine, which is from the 49,000-year-old Puu Mahana cinder cone located nearby.

Dhanushkodi Beach flecks the tip of Pamban Island in southeast India. The virtual ghost town that includes the remote beach paradise was flattened by a destructive hurricane in 1964.

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