Quiz: How Many Classic Car Logos Can You Identify?
How Many Classic Car Logos Can You Identify?
By: Robin Tyler
Image: Youtube via Evolution Logo

About This Quiz

Ask any car expert what defines a classic car, and we guarantee that you will get a different answer every single time.

Without a doubt, older cars that remain in demand today are classic cars. Those cars that are difficult to find and command hefty prices at auctions are classic cars. 

But what about cars that have been produced in their millions? Would you consider them a classic car? Yes, why not? The Volkswagen Beetle, of which over 20 million were made, is certainly a classic. The Model T saw 15 million units produced in 20 years. That is certainly a classic car as well.

But it gets a little murkier. What about cars that are only 30 years old. Something like the NSX from Honda. Well, the fact that it was designed with input from the genius of Formula One driver Ayrton Senna makes this a classic car in our book. The same for a car like the Subaru Impreza. Early versions of this performance sedan are certainly classics.

So the question is, now that you know how we define classic cars, would you be able to identify classic car manufacturers from just looking at their logo?

Let's see how you perform!

Good luck!

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Which classic car logo is shown in this image?
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This classic car logo belongs to a German brand. Name it, please.
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This German sports car manufacturer started after the World War II but not before its founder had spent some time in jail in France. Can you name it?
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The epitome of British luxury, which brand does this classic car logo belong to?
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This classic car logo belongs a company established in 1924 known as _____________.
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Any ideas as to who this classic car logo belongs to?
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This classic car company has a hood ornament known as 'The Leaper.' Do you know who they are?
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A model from this company dominated NASCAR in the 1950's. Any idea which classic car company this logo this depicts?
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Which classic British car maker has this logo?
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Over this years, this European manufacturer has made a number of cars that are certainly considered to be classics. Who are they?
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With numerous classic cars produced over their history, __________ are the car brand that is associated with this logo.
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This legendary American brand has produced vehicles since the 1960's and early models are certainly classics. Name them, please.
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One of America's oldest motoring brands, their 'Sixteen' model from the 1930's is a much sought after classic car. Can you name them?
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Can you name the car manufacturer associated with this logo? Their classic cars include the 3500 GT.
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Sadly, this car maker, the producer of classics such as the Twelve Sport Phaeton, no longer exits. Can you name them?
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Can you name this Italian sports car maker from their logo? They certainly have made some classic vehicles, such as the Miura, for instance.
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The Bearcat, one of the fastest cars produced in the early day's of motoring was made by this company whose vehicles are certainly considered classics. Who are they?
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One of America's greatest car manufacturers, the number of classic car's they have given us is simply astonishing. Can you name the company?
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Which American brand, still going strong today, would be associated with this logo? Over the years, they have made many classic models.
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Name this now defunct classic American brand, please.
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Another American brand is represented by this logo. Their classic cars include a number of muscle cars from the '60s.
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This manufacturer's 500 model is a true classic. It was all the rage in Europe in the 1950's. What brand are we talking about?
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Not all classics have to be 50 or 60 years old. This vehicle manufacturer produced one close to 30 years ago in the form of the NSX. Who are they?
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Recently, a 1939 roadster from this now defunct manufacturer sold for over $5 million! Name that manufacturer, please.
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Another established American manufacturer, can you identify them from their logo? One of their classics was the Zephyr, produced in the 1930's.
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This logo belongs to another manufacturer that has produced vehicles not so long ago that became instant classics.
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This European car maker hails from Germany and is responsible for one of the most classic vehicles of all time. Who are they?
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This manufacturer is responsible for one of the 1960's great muscle cars - the Barracuda. Can you name them?
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The logo featured here is from which car maker?
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Another sad story is the fact that this American car maker no longer exits. One of their classic models was the Avanti. Any idea as to who they are?
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A maker of some of the best performance sedans around, can you name this Japanese car brand?
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Now considered a little 'boring,' this Swedish brand designed a number of what are now considered to be classics.
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Many of this British manufacturer's models are now classics, including the 3000. Can you tell the name of the company from the logo in the image?
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An American icon, many vehicles produced by this company are considered classics.
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In today's auto market, this company is known for their hyper cars, but their classic models were things of beauty.
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A division of Ford that is no longer with us, this brand certainly made some iconic cars such as the Cougar.
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