Quiz: How Many African Countries Can You Name in 3 Minutes?
How Many African Countries Can You Name in 3 Minutes?
By: Erica Sklar
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

Africa is home to giant animals, a huge range of ecosystems, and hundreds of languages. The people of Africa have shown the world a thing or two about resilience, equity, and freedom. From Nelson Mandela's fight for the end to apartheid rule in South Africa to the liberation of formerly colonized countries, Africa is a continent rich in the history of taking a stand for what we believe in. 

The majority of the African continent was split into countries by colonizers from European nations who went on to rule those nations. Today, many historically European languages are still spoken there along with languages indigenous to those who inhabited the land before it was colonized. Do you know what languages are spoken in Somalia? What about Swaziland?

How well do you know your African countries? Can you identify Malawi by its shape? Do you know where the Nile ends? How about where Lagos is located? To test your knowledge of Africa, can you try guessing which country is which? C'mon, it's easy! Take the test and travel away!

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