How Loudly Do You Snore?

Mark Lichtenstein

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Snoring is one of the most annoying bedroom habits. It can rob you of sleep, it can hurt your help, and it can destroy relationships with spouses and room mates. How loudly do you snore?

Have you ever resorted to recording yourself?

How many different people have complained to you about your snoring?

Have strangers told you that your snore on airplanes?

Do you avoid certain sleeping arrangements for fear of keeping others awake?

Have you had relationships end because of your snoring?

Have you tried more than one anti-snoring aid?

Have you ever woken up to the sound of your own snoring?

Have you been to see a doctor about your snoring?

Do you ever do anything else in your sleep, like talking?

Do you have seasonal allergies?

Do you often get colds?

Do you have a deviated septum?

Do you have a nasal laugh?

Do you have a side discharge lisp?

Do you sleep irregular hours?

Do you go to bed really late?

Do you get up really early?

Do you do shift work?

Do you use a screen right before going to bed?

Do you do the sort of work that allows you to sleep soundly at night?

What position do you sleep in?

Do you sleep flat on a bed, or upright on a chair or some such?

Do you eat right before bedtime?

Do you watch TV before bedtime?

Do you play video games before bedtime?

Do you read books before bedtime?

Do you listen to music before bedtime?

Do you drink a glass of milk before bedtime?

Do you plan out the next day before bedtime?

Do you clear your sinuses before bedtime?

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