How Long 'Til You're Ready to Be Facebook Official?

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There's something about becoming "Facebook official" with your guy or gal that feels monumental. Announcing to 1,000 of your closest friends and family that you have a new flame in your life prompts a sense of confidence and excitement. What will people think? Will my friends be happy for me? Will my ex be jealous? You're not only opening up your relationship to praise and celebration, but you are also allowing others to criticize you and your love interest.

Before becoming Facebook official, it's important to self-reflect about why you want to do so, as well as speak with your partner about it. If one of you is ready and the other is not, it could lead to a premature breakup, and nobody wants to have to update their status to "Single" a week after making such a big announcement. We know there are some of you out there who have been ready to be "FBO" for quite some time, but there are others who should take one more look at their honey and run in the opposite direction. Should you announce to the world that you're in a committed relationship, or should you dodge a bullet? Take this quiz, and we'll tell you how long 'til you're ready to be Facebook official! 

How did you meet this person?

Are you exclusive with this person?

Which generation are you a part of?

How long have you been seeing each other?

How long have you been friends on Facebook?

Do your friends know about this person?

Does your family know about them?

Does your best friend like this person?

Do you see it being long-term?

What’s the last thing you posted on Facebook?

When was the last time you posted on Facebook?

Have you posted a picture of the two of you together on Instagram?

Have you been keeping your relationship a secret from anyone?

Why do you want to be Facebook official?

Is this person still Facebook friends with their ex/exes?

Are you still Facebook friends with your ex/exes?

Are you flirting/talking to anyone else besides this person?

Have you spoken with this person about becoming Facebook Official?

What do you normally post about on social media?

Do you think your person is ready to be Facebook official?

How many relationships have you made Facebook official in the past?

How many relationships has your person made Facebook official in the past?

How often to you get into fights?

When do you two normally see each other?

Are you a private person?

Is the person you’re seeing a private person?

Are you as happy as you two appear to be in pictures?

What is your favorite thing about the person you’re seeing?

Are you prepared to change your status when you break up?

How would you feel if someone said something bad about you and your new relationship in a comment on Facebook?

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